5 Ramadhan Treats You Can’t Miss This Month

ramadhan feast with malaysian food
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With Ramadhan just around the corner, we thought we’d reintroduce you to some of the top must-have dishes that Malaysians absolutely love to eat. From juicy beef rendang to crispy golden ayam percik, these mouthwatering delicacies are richly infused with pungent flavours that will help you kickstart your buka puasa feast with huge appetites.

nasi tomato on banana leaf
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1. Nasi Tomato


You can’t go wrong with nasi tomato at your Ramadhan feast. Usually served during buka puasa or special occasions along with ayam masak merah,  the aromatic combination of tomatoes, onions, butter and spices makes nasi tomato a delicious meal on its own.

According to Malaysia Most Wanted, here are some of the best places you can find nasi tomato around Kuala Lumpur:

delicious ayam percik Photo credit: curiousnut.com

2. Ayam Percik

The ayam percik is a crowd favourite. Originally from Kelantan, ayam percik is a simple but scrumptious dish that fuses chilli, onions, coconut milk, ginger and kunyit, among other ingredients. The chicken is first marinated in the sauce and then roasted to a crispy golden-brown perfection.

Some of the best places to find ayam percik in Klang Valley are:

glutinous rice or lemang for ramadhanPhoto credit: tokomesin.com

3. Lemang

It might not look like much, but lemang is one of the best things that ever happened to the culinary world. Glutinous rice is cooked to perfection with coconut milk in a hollowed bamboo tube. The bamboo is roasted over slow fire for 3 to 4 hours until the rice is evenly cooked, and then the tube is sliced open. After that, the rice is wrapped in a banana leaf and chopped into smaller sections to make it easier for consumption. Lemang complements curry or rendang really well.

Here are two of the most legendary lemang hot spots:

roti bom for ramadhanPhoto credit: fuzzyamazing.blogspot.com

4. Roti Bom

Roti Bom is just like roti canai in so many ways. They’re both crafted from the same dough and ingredients, but roti bom is a sweeter, crispier variant of roti canai. It’s also thicker in texture and tastes extra good when dipped in sugar. Have this as an appetizer before your next entree: the beef rendang.

Sample some of the yummiest roti bom here:

beef rendang for ramadhan
Photo credit: sasantirestaurant.com

5. Beef Rendang

Lovers of beef will appreciate this delicacy. The beef rendang is a masterpiece of slow-cooked beef, lemongrass, coconut milk, rich spices and patience. Patience is one of the key ingredients to this dish, because the beef chunks are boiled for an hour or more until the sauce disappears into the tender meat for that explosive, succulent flavour. Pair this with rice or lemang for the ultimate experience.

You can’t go wrong with the nasi lemak with rendang at:

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PS: Foodies, let us know your take on some of the best local dishes around town! We’d love to hear from you.

written by Carissa Gan