5 Quick Tips For When You’re Moving In A Hurry

You know you should plan ahead and start early, but things come up and all of a sudden it’s one week to moving day. And you haven’t even started packing! If you’re facing a last-minute relocation and just can’t seem to get things in order, follow these 5 tips to get started:


1. Get Started Now

Get Started Now!
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You might already be late, but there’s no better time to start than now! Push aside the guilt and save the moping for later. Start arranging your transport and relocation, and begin packing as soon as you can. Even stuffing your clothes into luggage bags and belongings into bins is a good start. Getting the ball rolling will help you get into the flow of packing and moving.


2. Strategise

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It helps to make a plan on how you’ll move – no matter how rough. You can have a simple checklist of things you have to do – from engaging movers to calling up friends to lend a hand – things you should pack – what item goes in what sort of packaging – to what timeline you have to follow – get a truck first, ask questions later. Having a plan to fall back on can help you manage the stress and mental hassle of thinking about the mess a last-minute move can be!


3. Pack Smart


Pack Smart
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Even if you’re short on time, packing efficiently and properly is possible! Use large trash bags as makeshift to-go packaging, and reuse old boxes to store your things. Taking a bit more time to ensure your fragile and breakable items are packed correctly will save you the hassle of breakage in the long run.


4. Learn To Let Go

Let go
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Figure out what’s essential, and what you can afford to leave behind. Moving everything can be time-consuming and inefficient, and often, trying to take everything with you wouldn’t make sense! Consider leaving behind bulky but replaceable items – like plastic chairs and furniture – or small finicky incidentals – like clothes hangers – for easier packing and moving.


5. Get Help

Get moving help
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Things may feel unmanageable on your own, so consider reaching out to friends, family, or professionals to help with your move. Friends and neighbours are often open to putting a few hours aside to help you pack, carry, and move your belongings to your new location. Professional movers are also well equipped to handle a last-minute move on strict timelines.


Short timelines or a long-term moving plan, expert movers can help make your relocation easy and hassle-free. Try out one of the many professional moving experts available on Kaodim today!