5 Questions To Ask Your Plumber Before Hiring Them

Hot showers, flowing toilets, clear sinks – we all need our plumbing working like clockwork 24/7. When you get a leak, a clog or a burst pipe, who can you trust to fix the damage? A good plumber is able to identify the cause of damage and carry out plumbing repairs that will last long with your usage. He is also a friendly person who can give you advice on maintaining your pipes and won’t overcharge you for no good reason.

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So how do you look for a reliable plumber in the first place? First, you can check out which plumber or plumbing services company is available in your area on Kaodim.com. Next, consider these questions which you can ask to get to know them better before engaging in their services:

Question 1: What is your name?

Always ask who is the actual person coming to do your repairs. It seems unimportant, but a lot of times we just wait for the plumbing company to ‘send someone over’.

If you have the plumber’s name, it is easier to call up to the office and make a report about the plumber if anything does go wrong during your repair.

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Question 2: How Long Have You Been A Plumber?

Knowing how much work experience a plumber has can help you to know what level of services to expect from him and how confident you can be with his work.

Also, ask your family members or neighbour about their experience on receiving good plumbing services. That way, you can compare the services offered by different plumbers whether they are considered good or bad value for your money.


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Question 3: Do You Offer Emergency Services?

You can never know when toilet leakages or uneven water pressure will strike next! It’s important to know if you can depend on your plumber to respond to your incidents in the same day. Ask them if they are willing to come at night or weekends.

Question 4: Do You Charge By Hours Or Job Done?

Find out how you will be charge – usually it will either be by the hour or by each job that needs to be done. Some plumbers will also include their travel cost in the bill.

So know how much you have to pay and compare quotations from other plumbers BEFORE you decide to hire someone.

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Question 5: Do You Offer Warranty On Your Services?

Many people do not ask for a warranty because they do not know that they can ask for it in the first place.

It’s an important question to ask so that if your pipe still leaks a few days later after being repaired, you can contact them to rectify the faulty repair without any additional charges.


Alrighty, you’re good to go! Now you just need a plumber to call!

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