5 Proven & Tested Volumizing Tips For Thin Hair

Thin, lifeless hair can completely affect the way you look and feel. Whether it’s poor haircare, hair-loss resulting from age, or premature balding due to genetics, lifestyle or stress, thinning hair can really take its toll on your confidence.

Even if you’re undergoing treatment for your hair loss, you can do so much more to help pep up lifeless hair with the right products and proper care routine.

If you’re experiencing thin and dull hair, consider these volumizing tips to put some more zest and bounce into your natural locks:

1. Use Some Mousse

Hair Mousse

Hair styling products like volumising mousse are effective at giving your hair some bounce and energy. Of course, you’ll have to choose one that’s suitable for your type of hair to achieve your desired look.

Most pharmacies and hair care stores stock various types of hair mousse for almost every option. Your trusted hairdresser or hair care professional could also offer you recommendations based on what you need.

2. Take Care Of Your Hair

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In addition to volumizing and styling products, ensuring your hair and scalp are properly cared for is essential to healthy, voluminous locks. For starters, keep your scalp and hair clean with the proper shampoo while exploring other specific volumizing hair care products such as volumizing shampoos and lifting conditioners.

Stick to a routine that’s gentle to hair as well, avoiding heat-based hair styling methods and harsh environments that can damage already thinning hair.

Great hair can be achieved with proper management and care. Even hair loss can now be treated effectively with specialised services such as stem cell hair loss treatments in Malaysia – with visible results as quickly as within the month!

3. Start From The Tips

Hand holding hair
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When applying hair products, start from the tip of your hair and work your way up just slightly before the roots. Unless it’s a specific product for your hair roots, avoid applying chemicals directly onto them!

Most hair care and styling products absorb and work better at the tips. Applying too much styling products onto your roots will end up weighing down and flattening your hair as well, giving it a dull, lifeless look. Plus, too much chemicals could affect your scalp and damage your roots, leading to even more hair loss.

4. Consider Curls

Wavy hair asian model
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If you’re up for a change, try out curly or wavy hairstyles. They look naturally fuller and voluminous than regular straight cuts; giving your hair an energetic bounce.

An easy trick to achieve temporary curls is to apply volumizing hair products – such as hair mousse – to damp hair and keep it up in a braid until it dries. Undo the braid, and you’ll have your simple, hassle-free curls.

5. Change Your Parting

Hair parting
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Hair tends to get flattened if it’s been parted in a certain direction for a while. Switching your parting – say, from right to a middle or left parting – will give your hair some lift to create a volumising effect without the need for a drastic style change!

When you’re ready for more sophisticated, ambitious hairstyles, why not consult one of the many professional hair stylists on Kaodim?  

written by Louisa Lee