5 places you should clean often in your kitchen

Kitchens are used frequently in the home, especially during this MCO period. That is why we recommend cleaning your kitchen on a regular basis as germs could be lurking around and making you sick. 

1.Kitchen sink

The kitchen sink is actually one of the dirtiest places in your home. From a study, they’re 100,000 times more germs present here than in your bathroom. Since your sink is wet and moist, it is a great place for E.coli to live and grow. A quick hack to clean your kitchen sink is scrubbing it with vinegar to kill any harmful bacteria effectively. 


Besides the kitchen sink, kitchen countertops tend to be among the dirtiest place, if you are constantly eating and dropping food crumbs on your countertop or imprecise with the pepper grinder you are more at risk to germs. You can use a disinfectant kitchen cleaner to wipe your countertops thoroughly daily to prevent spreading of harmful germs.

3.Stove knobs

According to a 2011 study, the researchers found one-third of stove knobs are filled with yeast and mould. These harmful bacteria are able to make us sick and damage our immune system! Therefore, you need to get your stove knobs cleaned at least once a week by removing the knobs and washing it in hot soapy water. 


Your fridge gets a lot of use and can get dirty and smelly from time to time.  According to Microban Europe, the researchers discovered a host of potentially dangerous germs lurking in the average fridge, including  E.coli, salmonella and listeria. Be sure you clean your fridge at least twice a month by using the baking soda or vinegar.

 5.Cooker hood

Your cooker hood can be easily overlooked when cleaning your kitchen. However, this is an area you should clean properly and regularly to keep your home safe from bacteria, germs and fire hazards. You can remove the filter from your cooker hood and soak it in hot soapy water with a cup of vinegar added, this way can help cut through the grease effectively from the filter.

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