3 Nostalgic Items In Your Childhood Home

Going back to our childhood home, walking past the halls and discovering long lost gems bring back many nostalgic memories. Even the most random of things like the interior can trigger and help us relive a memory from years back. Here are a few items in your childhood home that may spark a few long lost memories.


1. Rattan chairs



Seeing rattan chairs always brings back memories gathering and playing around the house with your relatives during festive celebrations.

The coolest and most comfortable rattan chair will be the rocking chair. It was always known as the chair that only the elders can sit on. If not we will be receiving a gift from the famous rotan we all fear.

There are so many types of furniture that can be made out of rattan. Rattan furniture has its individual unique characters because it is handmade. It gives a home a vintage, comfortable and relaxed look, there’s something about rattan furniture that just makes a home more homey and cosy.


2. Timber wood furniture



Back in the day, timber wood was the trend and everyone wanted to get their hands on a piece of furniture made out of timber. The most iconic piece of timber wood furniture would be the tables. The ones displaying their unique shape, character and tree ring pattern look extremely rare and vintage.

These tables come in different shapes and sizes, they are most commonly used as the centerpiece like a dining table or a coffee table in the living room. There are many designs and finishes you can choose from. Their base, legs and carving are all extremely unique and wonderful to look at.

The table gives out an expensive and rare look because of its special and unique design. The quality of the wood and its stunning craftsmanship is hands down one of its most unique selling points. No wonder it is a Malaysian favourite. If you’re interested to update the look of your home, hire our professionals for quality home improvement services. 


3. Classic flooring patterns



Most Malaysian houses have very similar flooring patterns, the common ones are the Square Basketweave, Alternating Vertical and the Floral design. Wooden flooring and stone tiles are the top choices for Malaysian homes because of their reputation of being durable.

Stone tiles are usually placed on the bottom floor because it is very cooling and comfortable for an afternoon nap. The designs are also very aesthetic and are very eye-catching. Wooden tiles are mostly placed in rooms because of the customizability of different placement patterns and they also help make a room look bigger because of its colour.

Childhood homes may look dated and old but they hold a lot of value in terms of nostalgia and memories. Celebrate the memories during our Malaysia Day Sale and enjoy up to 30% OFF home services.