5 Movie Sets To Inspire Your Next Home Décor Project

If you need some inspiration for your next interior home décor project, where better to look at than great movie sets? After all, they were designed by award-winning experts who just know how to get the right ambience. Whether it’s a charming little cottage or a fantastical fairyland, get inspired by these 5 beautiful movies to decorate your home:


1. Glitz And Glamour With The Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby (Plaza Hote, NY)
Image Credit: Glamour


While not quite the real thing, this special Great Gatsby-inspired room in the Plaza Hotel, New York gives just the right amount of glitz and glamour


What this movie lacks in conscience it makes up for with opulence and luxury. The Art Deco design of New York’s Roaring 20’s features gilded extravagance and rich furnishing. But you don’t a million dollars to achieve that look.


For an Art Deco style, go for stark, geometric lines and patterns in finishes that include polished wood and shiny aluminum or stainless steel. Use large, gilded mirrors to add style, boost volume, and up lighting in your space. Finish with buffed, shiny surfaces for furniture, from lacquer, laminate, or glossy wood for that razzle-dazzle effect.


2. Stylish Statements With The Devil Wears Prada

Image Credit: Pinterest


You can’t stay on top of the New York fashion scene without a great sense of style. So take a leaf out of Miranda Priestly’s polished, poised office and go for sleek efficiency. This style features monochromatic palates, but contrasts with darker detailing and embellishments to make a statement.


Use neutral colours for that sophisticated look, and fill the space with statement art – like photos and pictures within simple frames to make sure the art itself stands out. Simple yet chic furniture adds to the look of efficiency and class. Large windows allow ample light to add to that clean, simple, yet elegant look.


3. Cosy Comforts With The Intern

The Intern
Image Credit: Architectural Digest



While set in trendy New York brownstone, the style in The Intern is more down-to-earth, homely, and cosy – just the type of place you’d want to work from home in. A little rustic, industrial, and lived-in, the setting gives you just the right amount of cluttered and comfortable.


The style fits contemporary furnishing into a more aged interior – like high ceilings, mouldings, and open shelving. Decorate with fancy light fixtures, and go with the flow for furniture and fixtures that are modern and utilitarian


4. Futuristic Furnishings With 2001: Space Odyssey

2001 Space Odyssey
Image Credit: Interiors



The movie features 60’s America’s idea of what the future looks like – all sleek and futuristic. But the design contrasts the alien with the familiar kitsch, which somehow works to create an aesthetically unique interior.


For this look, prioritise space and use starkly contrasting colours and odd, unconventional shapes for a minimalistic and futuristic feel. Combine modern looks with something old and vintage as a throwback to the earth-bound past. Great lighting will add to the ambience!


5. Rustic Richness With Call Me By Your Name

Call Me
Image Credit: The Spaces


Set in rural Northern Italy, the film’s simple, rustic, and lived-in interiors are cosy yet sophisticated. With deep rich woods and earthy tones, the design spells heady warmth and romance.


Use rich, natural, earth tones for your interior for that homely, rustic look. Deep wood, stone, and fabric – velvet and wool – gives you an antique feel for more character. Big windows let in natural lighting for a down-to-earth ambience as well. Don’t be afraid to decorate with old kitschy furniture!


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