5 Meaningful Valentine’s Gifts That Won’t Burn A Big Hole In Your Wallet

Malaysian couples tend to go all out on Valentine’s Day to make the annual romantic celebration the most unforgettable one ever. Sensing the dedication of these eager buyers, businesses will also introduce more seemingly worthy deals to attract lovebirds to purchase their products as Valentine’s Day gifts.

However, the prices for these have actually been hiked up on purpose. According to Cilisos, rose bouquets and dinner-for-two’s may experience a 10-15% increase in price during Valentine’s week. To ease the burden on your wallets, we listed some cheaper yet more meaningful alternatives to the most popular gifts:

1. A mixed bouquet instead of 999 roses

pink and yellow rose bouquet
Photo credit: Pinterest

Roses are the most popular flowers on Valentine’s Day. A dozen roses will cost you at least RM98 on a normal day and prices can soar up to RM180 per 12-rose bouquet on V-day. And these flowers don’t last more than a couple days anyway, so there goes your money!

mixed bouquet
Photo credit: Afloral.com

Roses aren’t the only flowers that symbolise love. In the language of flowers, violets, bellflowers, primroses, and daisies all symbolise romantic love. In fact, tulips symbolise undying love. Opt for mixed bouquets: they’re slightly cheaper than roses and the prices aren’t badly affected by Valentine’s Day. To make it more meaningful, include a card to explain the meanings of each flower in the bouquet for your loved one.

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2. Don’t head out for dinner, cook it!

heart-shaped prawns as valentine's day dinner
Photo credit: xsl.pt

Nothing says “I love you” louder than a home-cooked meal on Valentine’s Day evening. Malaysians tend to splurge on romantic dinners at restaurants or hotels – easily cashing out RM500 or more at the end of the night. Instead of spending much on overpriced meal promotions and having the same dish as everyone else in the restaurant, customise a V-Day dinner specially for the love of your life!

There are many delicious recipes and video tutorials you can source for online. It’s much more affordable, and you can really show your boyfriend / girlfriend how well you know their palate. Kaodim also has cooking classes that you can sign up for here. Or when in doubt, get caterers to supply homecooked meals so you can dine in the cosy privacy of your home!


3. Forget overpriced chocolates, get brownies

Photo credit: King Arthur Flour

Don’t get us wrong, we love chocolates. Unfortunately during V-day, prices tend to increase for the same old flavours. There are other ways to be sweet (that don’t involve chocolates) to your significant other. Brownies are just like chocolate, but more filling and bigger in size – so you get more bang for your buck.

You can choose to make your own, or order it from one of Kaodim’s talented pastry chefs!

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4. A creative couple photo is more special than a simple greeting card

personalised valentine's day card
Photo credit: Pink & Posh

RM25 for a Valentine’s Day card? Come on, you can do better than that.

Get a graphic designer to do some magic on your favourite photo of you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse, include a personalised message there, and get it printed. This means more to the both of you than a common greeting card with a generic message.

You can get one of Kaodim’s creative designers and printers to help you with this.

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5. A special couple photography session is better than any hotel staycation

malaysian couple prewedding
Photo credit: CJ Wedding & Family Photographer


Behind every photo is a funny or moving story as they are memories in their physical form. Instead of booking a hotel for the special night, why not spend time together doing a photoshoot that both of you will remember?

You get to keep the photos as keepsakes too, of course!

You can book a couple photography session with one of Kaodim’s photographers here. If you’re not sure about the kind of setting for this, let our photographers know in the form and they’ll contribute some ideas for a memorable and beautiful photoshoot.

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written by Esther Chung