5 Important Things To Consider Before Moving To A New City

landscape view of the city of kuala lumpur at sunset

Moving to a new city is a big deal. New faces, new places, new adventures just around the corner. It’s both exhilarating and intimidating, but before you start embarking on the journey of a lifetime, here are 5 important questions you should ask yourself to determine if you’re ready for this big move.

city street at night

1. How Much Does It Cost To Live There?

Life in a big city isn’t cheap. Rent, transportation and food expenses will burn a big hole in your wallet if you’re not careful, so do plenty of research before moving there. Discuss the general cost of living with people who’ve lived there recently or who are currently there. Dive into the details — inquire the prices of a typical meal, petrol, rent and public transportation in the area. The more you know, the more prepared you’ll be.

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2. Can You Afford It?

Moving on, you’ll need to ponder whether you can afford this move. So as enticing as the bright lights and shimmering skyscrapers may seem, ask yourself if you’ll be generating sufficient income to cover your monthly expenditures. Set a budget for your estimated monthly expenses in the city, and double it by two. If you can afford the new amount, you can afford your new life.

city street at night in malaysia

3. How Long Do You Plan To Live There?

Six months? One year? Forever, maybe? Having a rough idea regarding the duration of your stay will impact the choices you make. If you’re only going to be there for a limited amount of time, you don’t need to look into getting a car. And that also means limiting your IKEA shopping to a minimum, because as tempting as that RM2,500 couch might look… you don’t really need it. But then again, plans change. You don’t need a definite answer to this question yet, but keep it at the back of your mind because it’ll steer your choices toward practicality.

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4. What Is The Neighbourhood Like?

Don’t know where you’re going to live yet? Then no, you’re not ready to move. Bunking on your friend’s couch might seem like an easy option, but you’re going to need your own place eventually. So while you’re comparing rental rates, factor in the safety of the neighbourhood and modes of transportation. Calculate the distance and travel time to various parts of the city and try to locate the nearest supermarket and clinic.

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5. How Will This Move Benefit You?

And finally, reevaluate your reasons for moving. Relocating to a new city isn’t as easy as movies make it to be. There are huge risks at stake here, such as leaving your comfort zone behind and all the faces you love. Are you moving for yourself or for someone you love? There’s a big difference. What can this fresh environment offer you? What can you learn? Do you see any opportunities for growth and personal development? And what do you hope to accomplish from this move? A change in environment can be a good thing, so seize every opportunity to grow and develop yourself.

Other than these important considerations, just the thought of packing everything and hiring a mover can be overwhelming. You can leave that to Kaodim and we’ll connect you to professional movers in your area so you’ll only have to think about the important stuff.

written by Carissa Gan