5 Important Cleanliness Habits

Maintaining the cleanliness of your home is important but a lot of homeowners are just too tired to do this or have kept bad cleaning habits for too long. When was the last time you took down the curtains or wiped off dust on furniture in the living room? A few days before Chinese New Year?

Bad habits are usually the cause of poor cleanliness.  Here are a few cleaning habits that you should be aware of.

beat_procrastinationsource from: lifehack.org

1) Do not procrastinate

An author of a home organising book reveals that when it comes to remaining organised, it is crucial to be decisive. Saying “I’ll place it here for now” is a danger phrase and will only introduce a pile of other stuff that will be too unappealing for you to consider removing once it accumulates.

It will keep growing until you’ve learned to accept and live with it.  It blends in with your furniture and the rest of your home.   Your things have found their new resting place where they never belonged in the first place.

This habit can also be applied for spills. Some liquids such as red wine and nail polish will be harder to remove if they are left to dry and harden.

Procrastination has devastating effects and you’ll be wondering why you couldn’t just spare a minute to grab a wet cloth to remove the stain when it happened.

2) Start the day by doing your laundry

If you have more than 4 people in the household, you should consider doing the laundry every other day instead of overwhelming yourself once a week with multiple loads. Consider part time house cleaning to do the job for you if the task is too heavy on you.

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3) Pull the comforter over the pillows

This is a lazy person’s way of getting the bed made. Once you get up in the morning, make it a habit to pull your blanket or comforter right up to your pillows. Generally, the bed occupies a lot of space in a room. Thus, by doing this the whole room will look a lot cleaner and neater.

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4) Leave your shoes at the door

Shoes are really unsightly and they are best kept in storage away from sight.  However it’s a lot easier to have them at the door so you can easily slip them on before you head out.  If you’re going to do this,  you should definitely keep them outside the door.  A house full of young children will mean more shoes, and you should advise them to take off their shoes and leave them outside.  Shoes will bring in a lot of dirt, mud, grass and so much more. If you take off your shoes by the entrance, you won’t need to clean the floors as often as you would do.


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5) Get rid of stuff everyday

Clutter and hoarding is the root cause of a messy home.  Make sure you constantly think about what you can get rid off.  You really need much less than you think.  If you really think about what you need, you’ll realise that a lot of the stuff you’ve accumulated is old, dated, irrelevant and you wouldn’t lose much sleep if you got rid of it.  Trust us!

Maintaining a home might sound easy if you are disciplined enough. If all else fails, acquire cleaning services or part time house cleaning. They will know what to do. Kaodim can definitely help you out.