5 Important Cleaning Tips To Avoid Damaging Your Hardwood Floors

For beauty and for strength, hardwood floors are still coveted in homes around Malaysia – perfect for cooling homes and office interiors while looking uptown. However, you need to do your homework on how to care and maintain these gorgeous floors. Otherwise, get ready for dents, permanent markings and some of the planks might even pop out!

Keep note of these 5 tips to keep your hardwood floors in its most pristine condition and lasting long:

1. Dusting Regularly

One of the simplest but underestimated cleaning method – dusting hardwood floors daily will keep dust and dirt off the floor and prevent scratches from appearing. Doing this will extend the life of your floor.

Use a dust mop to reduce allergens significantly. For a more effective result, you can use a microfiber material that produces static charge to attract more dust and allergens. Microfiber material are also very effective because they have small fibers that can reach into floor pores.

Source: floorstores.com

2. Cleaning Deeper

Occasionally, damp-mop your floor to remove leftover oil, grime and dirt build up – remember, DAMP and NOT WET.

Before you use your mop, wring it until it is almost dry so it only feels slightly damp to the touch. 

For a deeper clean, dilute some wood-cleaning product in water according to the instructions. Saturate the mop in the water and again, wring it dry as before. Mop it over again with a clean mop dampened with clear water if it’s required by your cleaning product.

When you’re mopping, avoid leaving any drops of water standing as they can damage the wood surface. Have a soft and dry cloth ready to wipe the excess liquid.

3. Polish To Protect

Polishing renews the finish that protects your hardwood floors from overcleaning and stripping of the surface, especially for frequently used areas. Use a water-based polish that can restore luster and shine without leaving any residue or emit harmful toxins. Do this every 2-3 months.

For quick drying times, use a urethane polish that has no waxy build up and creates a protective layer on your floors. The polish will fill in micro scratches and even out the protective layer on the floor.

Source: mrhardwoodinc.com

4. Proper Tools For Maximum Clean

Avoid any damage by using proper tools when cleaning your floor. For example, using a standard string mop will put excessive amounts of water on the floor which can cause damage and it merely pushes the dirt around instead of picking and removing it out. The type of mop that you should use is one that has a machine washable microfiber pad which uses static charges to attract dirt.

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5. Avoid Non Hardwood-Friendly Substances

Some substances are not suitable to be used for hardwood floors such as vinegar, soap-based cleaners, wax and steam cleaners. Eventhough a vinegar-water mixture works effectively for household cleaning, this combination will in fact cause your hardwood floor to become dull over time. Soap or wax will leave residue, and steam cleaners will put heat and excessive water on your floor that can lead to cupping or worse, long-term damage.

Source: edhoffmanfloorservice.com

If you’re still unsure about cleaning hardwood floors on your own, avoid costly damages and hire a professional cleaning services company who can supply the right tools, cleaning solution and expertise to clean your type of hardwood flooring.

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