5 Home Library Designs That Will Make You Love Reading

To those who say, “Who needs physical books when we’ve got e-books?”, that’s pretty much the same as saying, “Who needs the physical newspaper when we’ve got online news portals?”

The latter provides convenience, but it can’t provide the comfort that comes with holding a real book and feeling the length of its spine and the crispness of the pages between your fingers. There’s no reason to be ashamed of your extensive book collection, especially if you’ve spent thousands of ringgit at book sales and MPH stores. It’s time to display them with pride! If you’ve always thought reading was a boring hobby, think again. Maybe all it takes is the right book and a cosy reading corner, and you’ll fall into the pleasurable habit like the rest of us.

Check out these amazing home libraries that will inspire you to start designing and building your own – even if you’re not a bookworm!

Cosy Library Nook

Photo credit: hgtv.com

Books can be a nice decor too. Transform a small corner of your house into a reader’s paradise. Just install cascading shelves and some comfortable furniture. A cosy nook is always better than none! And if you fear you don’t have enough material to fill those shelves, you could always add plants or photo frames for a good mix.

Hidden Cove

Photo credit: designsponge.com

Guilty of splurging too much at Big Bad Wolf book sales? That’s fine, as long as you have a place to store all your paged purchases! If you prefer to keep your collection of books out of view, you can always install shelves with sliding doors to retain the tidiness of your place.

Rainbow Colour Pop

colourful-libraryPhoto credit: hudsoninteriordesigns.com

Colour-coordinating your books to the rainbow is a pretty fun hobby. If you are looking to make this library an integral part of your home’s interior, be as creative as you can. Throw in comfy chairs, plush cushions and a nice carpet for more comfort. 

Minimalist Reading Corner

Photo credit: driesotten.be

If you prefer to have a much simpler design, this is perfect. The short shelves create a classic minimalist corner that’s both elegant and chic. Just add a chair or two to complete the look.

Rolling Ladders

Photo credit: apartmenttherapy.com 

Having a ladder just means that you can maximise your space and stack your books and magazines all the way to the ceiling. It’s a neat space-saving idea that works best for homes with a high ceiling. Complete this monochromatic look with a tiled coffee table.

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written by Tashya Viknesh