5 Home Items You May be Cleaning Wrong

We can’t help but take a few shortcuts when it comes to cleaning our home, which may mean we are doing more harm than good. However, don’t worry if this is the case,  here are a few home items you may be cleaning wrong and how you can clean them right.


1.The Coffee Pot


You may assume that a simple rinse should do the trick when cleaning your coffee pot, however, you should note that the residue build-up can lead to bacterial growth thus potentially making you sick! A simple wash with water and soap after each use is highly recommended.


2. Cleaning The Window


Did you know that this painful chore can be even more painful on a sunny day? It’s true the sun causes the cleaner or water to dry quicker which in turn can increase the cause of streaks. Besides avoiding sunlight you might want to consider using newspapers or coffee filters as an alternative as cloth can leave behind lint!

If you need a more frequent approach to keeping your windows cleaned, be sure to hire our cleaners. 


3. Cleaning The Mirrors

Like the windows, mirrors are more delicate than the average cloth and wipe, there is a technique involved to ensure the mirror is cleaned thoroughly, such as ensuring the light is off when cleaning your windows as they are more visible without the lights on.


4. Toilet Brush

Giving your toilet a good scrubbing and placing the brush back inside the canister is super unhygienic and causes the growth of bacteria. The recommended method post scrubbing is to have the brush disinfected for a couple of hours to ensure no gross bacteria left behind!

Are you planning on changing your cleaning habits yet? If you need more help keeping your space clean, be sure to book our top cleaners to ensure your home is comfortable and clean! Service comes with a reservice if unsatisfied.