5 Home Improvements That Make Any Home Appear Bigger

Having a small home is comfortable and cosy but it can seem a little crowded at times. There’s no need to get a bigger house, just follow these 5 tips to make your home appear bigger.


1. Light paint colours



Dark colours make a room feel cosy but they also absorb light instead of reflecting it which makes space feel even smaller than it already is. To make the room feel more spacious, you would want to opt for lighter coloured paint like light shades of yellow, white or neutral hues.  

Lighter colour options will not only make your space look larger but is also attractive and gives a room more personality. If you want to get your walls painted, hire our professional painters and enjoy a 30-day workmanship warranty when you book with us.


2. Crown moulding for your ceiling



Crown mouldings are not very common in houses but it can seriously make your room look bigger. The crown mouldings make an optical illusion that will draw eyes upwards and make the ceiling appear higher.

You can pair the crown mouldings and make a room look even bigger by painting the ceiling the same colour as the room.


3. Light coloured floors



This tip works the same way how light coloured walls give the illusion of a larger space. Selecting light coloured tiles or light wooden flooring will be one of your best bets to pull off a roomy and spacious look.

Placing rugs to separate one room into smaller spaces creates the appearance of having more than one space in a large one. This is especially useful for smaller rooms and apartments. Book our flooring installation service and get quality tiles or floorings fitted in your home.


4. Furniture and its placement



Creating yet another illusion that makes a room more spacious is by opting for furniture with legs. Furniture with legs creates a sense of openness which allows light and air to flow under and around it, hence making it appear as if it’s floating in a larger space.

To maximise the open space you have at home, placing larger furniture pieces against the wall will do the trick. For more tips and help, you can hire our professional interior designers for a consultation to make your home as attractive and spacious as possible.


5. Sheer curtains



Swapping out your dark curtains and replacing them with sheer curtains will bring in more natural light to your room. Allowing natural light inside the room opens up the interior and makes it look larger. The more natural light, the more depth of space it gives. 


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