5 Hard-To-Clean Areas (And How To Deal With Them)

If cleaning isn’t already a painful chore, there are just places in your home that are just hard to clean that you don’t want to touch. They’re hard to reach, difficult to clean, and after years of neglect will be dirty you don’t even want to think about it.

But you’ll have to clean these spaces eventually to ensure your home stays clean and comfortable! Start by getting to know just 5 of the hardest places to clean in your house:


1. The Toilet


The toilet
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Who likes scrubbing the toilets? Besides the dirtiness and general icky feeling, toilet cleaning duties feel like they should be reserved just as punishment. But keeping a clean toilet is essential for your health and comfort.

There really isn’t a way around scrubbing away those nasty stains, but a few easy hacks can get you better results. For example, you can remove those stubborn toilet bowl rings effectively with a toilet pumice stone rather than scrubbing hard with a regular brush. Cleaning with a can of Coca Cola is another quick tip, but be aware that results are often mixed; try a homemade toilet cleaner with baking soda, Castile soap, and hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant instead.

2. The Shower


The Shower
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Another pain point in your cleaning routine – you shower every day in the shower area with your soap and cleaning products, so it shouldn’t be dirty, right?

Soap scum and oils from your body can build up in the shower, and the dampness or the area encourages mold and mildew growth. Keep your shower area dry by ensuring proper ventilation, and do a deep clean once a month to remove dirt and stains. Don’t forget to clean the shower hair trap regularly and unclog drainage!


3. The Stove

The Stove
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Oil and food scraps from spatters and spills build up around your stove, but unsightliness aside you’d want to keep your cooking environment clean. Removing the tough grease and cleaning around the burners, racks and knobs can be a real hassle, so take small steps to maintain cleanliness.

You can cut down the grime by protecting your stove and area surrounding the cooking space with pre-cut foil. However, be sure to use the proper kind of protective material according to specifications, or you risk a fire hazard!

It also helps if you give your stovetop and hob a quick wipe down with a wet cloth and soap every time after cooking to minimise buildup. Easy home stain-busters and streak-cleaners – like the good old white vinegar and water mix for grime – will also aid in cleaning. Wetting the stovetop before any scrubbing will also make cleaning more effective and preserve the surface from scratches.


4. High-reaching Places


High Places
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Fan blades, top of cupboards, ceilings, and mouldings need their due dusting, but they’re so out of the way and out of sight that you’d prefer to forget about cleaning them. The long-term dust and dirt build-up will only cause your home to be unhealthy, so it’s best to deal with it before the problem becomes a huge one.

Use a long-handled duster, swiffer, or broom to dust these nooks and crannies. You’d have to get up there with a cleaning cloth for a proper deep clean, but a good dusting once or twice every fortnight helps with the overall cleanliness of your home.


5. Light Fixtures


The Light
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Lights are too high up and out of reach, but requires a more delicate touch than furniture tops. There’s no way around using a ladder to clean finicky fixtures and chandeliers, but you can do a quick once-over with a microfibre cloth mounted on a long handle. Skip the feather duster and opt for disposable ones instead, as feather dusters tend to scatter dust.

Regular cleaning of these tricky areas will keep your home clean and comfortable. But if you’re not up for a chore, get in touch with the many expert home cleaners on Kaodim today!