5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Stuff

Are you aspiring to lead a more minimalistic lifestyle? Want to start by decluttering this weekend?It’s not an easy process. Many of us struggle with getting rid of things. “But I could still use it!” or “It’s still brand new!” — normal responses you hear when one needs to part from things that have been neglected to collect dust for years. But do you really still need that medal that you won in high school back in the 90s? Well, unless it is an Olympic gold medal, it is time to get rid of it.

Whether you’re trying to declutter a closet, a whole room or your entire house, here are 5 easy ways that might help next time you need to get rid of stuff.

1. Identify the junk

Some junk is easy to identify, like a corporate t-shirt that’s several sizes too big, or that birthday card from your best friend in 1994. Old newspaper and magazines, receipts and bills, clothes, old makeup and perfume, high-school memorabilia, old electronics and toys — these are things that you should identify as junk. Then you can start working on the rest—deciding what can stay and what can go.

If you’re still having trouble, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it still bring me joy?
  • When was the last time I used it?
  • Can I still use it?
  • Realistically, when is the next time I’ll use it if I decide to keep it? Or will I forget about it again?

2. Organise them into piles



Organise your things into one of three piles: stuff to keep, stuff to throw, and stuff to pass on to others.

When you’re done sorting, go through the pile of items you’re not sure about and try to get rid of about half of them. One simple decision-making factor: find similar items and pick the one you like the best, get rid of the rest. If you still can’t decide, it’s ok, don’t beat yourself over it. Read on.



It’s not over, keep going!  Put the things you’re planning to throw in a cardboard box or trash bag. Next, return the items you decided to keep to their rightful places. You’ll be amazed at how much more space you now have. Lastly, grab all the things you’re not sure about and put them somewhere separate. If you’re hanging clothes, hang these items in another area or place them in a separate drawer. Do not keep them with the stuff you’re sure you want to keep. Make a note on whether you will use these items in the next 30 days. For items that you do use, put them back with the other belongings you are keeping. For the rest, move on with either discarding or donating when the 30 days are up.


When you’re getting rid of your things, you have a couple of options: Donate, sell or throw. In this section we’re going to take a look at the best ways to finally let go. You can do this. 

3. Donate to the less privileged


If your unwanted stuff are still in good condition, consider donating them. Donating is the easiest way to throw your unwanted things away without actually wasting them. Those pair of shoes that never fit you well might find an owner who may need them for an important job interview. That dress that doesn’t match your skin tone? It might just brighten up a girl’s day especially when they can’t afford fancy clothing.

Start by identifying a local charity organization or welfare department. Additionally, if there’s a particular cause you’re passionate about you can often find organizations that will take some of your things. A quick Google search will usually turn up a few local options. There are women shelters, orphanages, homeless shelters, refugee centres, homes for senior citizens, and the like.

4. Sell them for some extra cash



If you’re going to sell your stuff, the most obvious option in Malaysia is to use mudah.my , carousell.com , secondhand.my or you can even use your own networks on Facebook or Instagram.

Alternatively, you can sell your unwanted items to second hand shops like BST , Cash Converters, or any secondhand furniture outlet in your local neighbourhood. For selling clothes that are still in good condition, try contacting a ‘bundle’ shop.

Feeling generous, instead of pocketing the cash, donate it to a charity or give it to your little cousin trying to raise funds for his school.

5. Chuck them out responsibly


This is really easy, because you may already have the items in a trash bag. Take that bag and toss it in the bin. Actually, throwing things away is not always so easy if you want to do it as safely and as environmentally-friendly as possible. Specifically for electronics, you’ll want to get rid of them in a safe way.. Check the Department of Environment for e-waste collection centers. Papers, metal cans, and packaging can be recycled. Take the effort to recycle your thrash at recycling centers, you’ll even get some money for your green efforts.

Exchange your recycleables for money at Ikano Power Center www.ipc.com.my


Cleaning out your shelves and cupboards can be difficult especially when there’s a sentimental value attached to those possession. But you need to make room for new things to come into your life. We wish you luck! You can do it!