5 DIY cleaning solutions for your home

Ever feel like the cleaning products you get in supermarkets just aren’t doing the job anymore? Or do you want to cut down on the artificial chemicals that you put in your home? 

You can try DIY-ing your own cleaning products! Not only will you know exactly what’s in the bottle, you can also adjust the quantity and certain scents to your liking, while saving some coin at the same time! Check out these homemade cleaners that you can try making yourself


1.Bathroom cleaner

This cleaner works well on your tub and shower, as well as the tile floors. Start by filling a jar with 1.5 cups of baking soda (270 grams), ½ cup of warm water (118 ml), ½ cup of liquid dish soap (118 ml), and two tablespoons of white distilled vinegar (30 ml). This is optional, but for an extra strong solution, you can add a touch of lemon juice.

2 . Oven and Microwave cleaner

After extended use, your oven can get extremely grimy, and those stains can get pretty hard to clean. Mix liquid dish soap, baking soda, coarse salt, and distilled white vinegar to make a thick paste. To get your oven smelling good, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Apply the paste to the interior of your oven and let it sit overnight. Then, use a sponge soaked in warm water and scrub thoroughly. Lastly, spray the entire oven down with white vinegar and wipe with a clean cloth

3. Window and glass cleaner

You know those streaks that are often left behind when you wipe down windows with a cleaning solution? Cornstarch is a secret ingredient that can ensure you don’t get streaks every time you clean! Combine a cup of hot water (236 ml) and a cup of rubbing alcohol (236 ml), then whisk in 4 tablespoons of cornstarch (60 grams). Transfer the mixture to a spray bottle, and spritz onto your mirrors and windows, and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth. 

4. Air freshener

Making your own air freshener is easier than you think! Fill in a spray bottle with a cup of hot water (236 ml), then add a bunch of sage or rosemary leaves (or other nice-smelling herbs), a cup of distilled white vinegar (236 ml) and a pinch of salt. Let sit for at least 12 hours to maximize the fragrance before using, and that’s it! 

5. All-purpose disinfecting cleaning spray

Lastly, for a cleaning solution that will clean just about anything in your home, mix ½ cup of rubbing alcohol (118 ml) with 3 cups of hot water (710 ml). Add a few squirts of antibacterial dish soap and give it a good shake. And that’s it!

Wasn’t all of that super easy? Who knew making your own cleaning products was that simple? Just a few common household ingredients and there you have it, effective and natural cleaners!

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