5 Most Popular Flooring Choices For Your Home

Looking to renovate the floors of a newly bought home? Or just looking for a general house renovation to change from the old-fashioned linoleum tiles to more contemporary solid wood flooring?

Here’s a breakdown on popular flooring choices- its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Hard Wood

This is definitely one of the most popular choices of homeowners and interior designers. Hardwood floors like merbau and teak can make a room appear classy. Additionally, if you have pets and children (or clumsy grown-ups), this material would make a good choice because it is easy to clean and will not stain. However, they do not have a very high tolerance to moisture, so it is advised not to fix them in bathrooms and kitchens. Furthermore, hardwood floors can be noisy and need to be refurbished every few years.

Hardwoord Flooring

2. Tile

Tile is excellent for kitchens and bathrooms because of its water-resistance nature. It is also easy to clean and customisable. You do not have to worry about finding the right style as it comes in a variety of patterns and sizes. Some examples of tiles are ceramic, porcelain and stone. A downside to having tiled floors is the risk in getting injured in a fall or slip because of its hard surface.

Tiles, the traditional flooring material for Malaysian homes.

3. Irregular Stone

Like tile, stone is also water-resistant and helps keep our Malaysian homes cool during the hot weather. One good aspect of this type of flooring is that each floor will be different. Some stone flooring comes in tile form while others come in uneven shapes. There are a lot of stone types that you can use such as marble, cement and even concrete-based ones.


Stone flooring
Stone flooring comes in many styles, to suit your home.

4. Laminate

Laminate is also known as ‘cheap wood’. Because it is a durable material, this material hardly fades, is resistant to stains while being pretty easy to install. While laminate flooring has its advantages, it’s not possible to restore or mend the material if it discolours. Additionally, laminate flooring is sensitive to water and damages easily if exposed to stagnant water.

Laminated floors are a favourite due to its durability.

5. Carpet

Carpet is a favoured choice for flooring especially in bedrooms and kids’ rooms. It’s soft, minimises noise and avoids slips and falls from happening. It is also easily cleaned with a vacuum and casual professional grade cleaning. The major downside of carpet flooring is that it is prone to staining. It’s also not a common choice in Malaysia because of our warm climate.

Carpeted floors come in handy to keep children safe while lending a comfy atmosphere. 

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