5 Decor Ideas To Style Your Front Porch

At the moment your front house looks like an open storage area with school shoes, flip-flops, your cat’s litter box, and gardening tools littered all over the place. Savvy homeowners understand that a porch can be a useful addition to a well-designed home. There are many ways you can improve your front-of-house appeal, comfort and maybe even attract a potential buyer to come take a look inside. Be house-proud and try some of these simple decors to create a beautiful gateway to your home:

1. Show Off Your House Number

Rather than the boring way of how usually your house number is displayed on the pillar beside your front gate, get two to three flower pots that display your house number more attractive. Make your postman smile by adding it on top of your pillar or in the front corner beside your front door.

Source (from left to right): flickr.com, shanty-2-chic.com, frugalcouponliving.com
Source (from left to right): flickr.com, shanty-2-chic.com, frugalcouponliving.com

You can also make artistic signages of your house number, or give your house a name!

Source (clockwise from top-left): Urbilis.com, etsy.com , ebay.com.au
Source (clockwise from top-left): Urbilis.com, etsy.com , ebay.com.au

2. Upcycle Old Furniture

Before you throw away your old cabinet or drawers, turn it into a pretty decoration for your front porch. Paint it with accented colours and add some mini flower pots to complete the whole look. Instead of leaving your gardening and house tools in a pile, you now have a fancy place to store them – they can even become part of the decor piece!

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Source: imageremix.blogspot

3. Get Creative With Planters

If you love flowers, get creative with using old car tyres, paint cans, concrete blocks, and even those Phua-Chu-Kang rubber boots (unless you’re a big fan of all things yellow, spray painting them would be a good idea)!

Source: floatproject.org (left) & knackstudios.blogspot (right)
Source: floatproject.org (left) & knackstudios.blogspot (right)
Source: hometalk.com

4. Personalise Your Entry

Your front porch is the first thing that guests see when they come round for a visit, make it more welcoming and inviting when they walk in. Do this literally by having ‘welcome’ painted on your door or embossed on a rug, or you can be more descriptive of what lies behind!

Source: rugsandblinds.com (left) & etsy.com (right)
Source: rugsandblinds.com (left) & etsy.com (right)

5. Create A Place to Relax

How awesome would it be to turn your porch into a mini-bed or lounge area during the weekend! Choose a good spot in the corner of your house and get your chair or wooden bench upholstered with some cushioning. For a quick-fix, just get several large comfy cushions to add to your outdoor seating.

Source: indulgy.com
Source: craftlikethis.com

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