5 Cool Water Features To Transform Your Garden Landscape

In a tropical hotspot like Malaysia, nothing is better than being able to cool down in your own home. Water features bring a natural and unique harmony of sound, movement and texture into your landscape environment that instantly brings in an atmosphere of tranquility to your home. When you need a break, you can just pop into your garden and immerse the relaxing sounds of running water.

Installing water features are not always cheap but the investment will enrich your garden’s landscape design and home appeal. If you’re on a tight budget, you can always look out for small water features which are more affordable and easier to install. Need some ideas? Check out these 5 cool water features that you can build for your garden:

1. Classic Garden Fountain

Transform your ordinary backyard into a place for retreat, with the calming sounds of running water. There are a wide range of sizes, styles and materials to suit your personal style and garden size – from classic Italian fountains to modern pondless variety. You can get them custom-built or prefabricated and ready to be installed.

Small fountains are a perfect fit for many garden landscape designs, while a tiered model makes a great focal point for your garden space.

Source: instructables.com (left) & houzz.com (right)
Source: instructables.com (left) & houzz.com (right)

2. Japanese Inspired Feature

As masters of Zen, Japanese water features are usually quiet to create a peaceful atmosphere that still incorporates the tranquility of flowing water. Loud gushing waters are usually avoided. Japanese features are normally very simple in design and usually consist of natural materials like rocks and bamboos so to keep the water as the focal point, instead of the vessel.

For example, the Japanese water feature below is made of a central pedestal that erupts water from the center of the stone which then spills into the shallow pond beneath it. The sheet of water that spills over the edge catches the sunlight while adding the soothing sound of running water. To complete your Japanese landscape, choose plants that would contribute to the theme like Japanese maple, clumping bamboo and bonsai trees.

Source: holicoffee.com

3. Ponds

If you would like to install a pond in your garden, having a good design and solid construction of it is very crucial. This is why it’s best to get a landscaping contractor who has experience installing water features outdoors to build your pond. The location of your pond is extremely important – find a location that is within view of your house, has access to your electricity and water source and determine the amount of sunlight exposure before selecting plants and your feature’s material.

To bring the pond to life, fishes like koi or goldfish and plants such as lilies and pickerelweed can be added on. Combine your pond with other water features like a fountain, waterfall or bubblers.

4. Waterfall

Falling water produces a peaceful sound that soothes the soul, that’s why you just spend endless hours getting lost in them. A garden waterfall can be constructed structurally from brick, poured concrete or blocks of stones, or designed to take on a natural form. Don’t forget to check out ‘waterwalls’ which are the modern versions of waterfalls that you can fit into your contemporary garden landscape.

Here’s a cost saving tip – ask your landscaping contractor if he can find a way to save water, such as diverting water from the waterfall to an area of your garden that needs steady watering.

Source (clockwise from top left): ebay.co.uk , pinterest.com/bamaalice, pinterest.com/malloro & ziqmi.com
Source (clockwise from top left): ebay.co.uk , pinterest.com/bamaalice, pinterest.com/malloro & ziqmi.com

5. Birdbaths

An excellent way to add something extra to your space are birdbaths. Remember that if you’re going to install birdbaths, you are actually going to attract birds to your garden (which is really the whole point of it) – so it’s important to keep the bird’s safety in mind!

The surface of the birdbaths should not be slippery and water should always be kept clean and fresh. Expect most birds that come in to be from the smaller variety therefore it is important that the water level in your birdbath is not too deep to avoid any drowning incidents! Rocks can be added at the end of the bath to make the water shallower. Then just sit back, and see enjoy the little ones frolicking in the cool water!

fusunt.blogspot.com (bottom)
Source: williewildlifesculptures.com.au (top) & fusunt.blogspot.com (bottom)

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