5 common plumbing problems to watch out

Drip, drip, drip……

Have you been hearing endless water dripping from your taps? Or your shower water pressure seems to be decreasing? Plumbing problems may be inevitable for every homeowner but regular care and maintenance can avoid plumbing problems from getting worse. Here are 5 common plumbing problems for all homeowners to look out for to minimise potential water wastage and damages in your plumbing system.

  1. Dripping taps

Dripping taps may seem minor but could add up to a major water wastage if neglected. They often occur when the tap washer gets damaged over time, loosening the washer seal. 

  1. Leaking pipes

Similar to dripping taps, leaking pipes may also indicate a loose or damaged hardware. These issues can be easily remedied with the replacement of parts. However, if you do not have plumbing experience or the right tools, it is highly recommended to seek professional help to get it done swiftly.

  1. Rising water bills

Noticed a sudden increase in your water bill? It may be due to increased consumption or an unnoticed leak. Look out for potential spots for leakage or water stains. You may also look for a professional plumber to provide an onsite checking service to identify the root of the problem and provide you with advice to mitigate the problem. 

  1. Low water pressure

Nobody likes dealing with low water pressure during a refreshing shower! However, it is a common occurrence when pipes are corroded, rusted or damaged. Professional plumbers will be able to inspect and give you an accurate diagnosis as well as resolve your issues in a timely manner due to their expertise.

  1. Slow draining sink

Slow drainage is one of the most common plumbing issues among plumbers. It is typically caused by a blockage that is restricting water flow. A clogged kitchen sink is usually caused by coagulated oils or food waste while a clogged bathroom sink is more likely due to clustered hair or soap. It is essential to tackle a clogged sink by clearing it once you notice a slower damage to prevent the sink or drain from being completely blocked. 

To all homeowners, it is essential to regularly maintain your house’s plumbing system to ensure clean water flows in while waste is flushed out efficiently. Long term neglect would lead to plumbing problems that may give you a headache and a hole in your wallet. Get on track with your home maintenance record by booking a professional plumber from us to conduct regular inspections or tackle any plumbing problems before it gets worse!