5 Chinese New Year Superstitions You Did Not Know About

Chinese New Year is around the corner and other than reminding yourself of what to tell Poh Poh when she asks when you’re getting married or why you’re not having more children, you’ll also have to keep the following commonly known superstitions in mind:

Don’t Clean Your House On CNY.  This is because you’ll be sweeping away your good fortune.  So you’ve got to make sure the house is cleaned before Chinese New Year.

Don’t Wash Your Hair On CNY.  This is because you’ll be washing away good fortune.  Chinese people will sacrifice hygiene for good fortune.

Don’t Use Sharp Objects During CNY.  So, chopsticks everywhere.

Don’t Point At The Moon Or Your Ears Will Fall Off.  Can’t imagine anyone’s ears just falling off from just pointing at something, do they kind of melt off their head or do they get severed off ? Is there blood? Would it hurt and are you allowed to perform a medical procedure to get the ears back on?

We don’t know about you but to us, number 4 is kind of hard to believe.

Having said that, there are hundreds of other Chinese superstitions out there which you probably didn’t know about.  We did some intensive research and discovered some lesser known Chinese New Year superstitions. Quite frankly, we think these are even harder to imagine and keep up with.  Here are 5 of them:

Bring 8 Baby Turtles To Each House You Visit, Then Do 6 Squats, Eat 3 Peanuts and Set Turtles Free Before You Enter



this is a squat. get low 2png


Hang 3 Giant Paintings Of Horses Measuring 8 x 8 Feet In Your Living Room & Paint A Yellow Goat On Your Main Entrance 2 Weeks Before CNY

2 head horse


Pack Every Black Item In Your House & Have A Mover Send Them At Least 8km Away Before Returning Them To Your Home After The 3rd Day of CNY



Renovate Your House In A Way Which Forces Your Guests To Walk In A Figure 8 Before They Enter The Living Room


figure 8


Take Photographs Of 3 Century Eggs & Place The Photographs Under A Bowl Of Uncut Noodles With The Century Eggs Inside

century eggs



Hire 3 Different Contractors All Named “Ah Fatt” To Relocate Your Main Door To Face South



Feed Your Dog A Prosperity Burger On CNY So It Doesn’t Howl At Night

prosperity burger


Build A Water Fountain Made Out Of 888 Mooncakes 2 Days Before CNY

88moon cake fountain

Thankfully, Kaodim has professional cleaners, contractors, photographers, personal trainers and movers who can help you keep up with these superstitions to make sure your Chinese New Year in 2015 remains an auspicious one.

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