5 Best Ramadhan Bazaars in KL

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It is finally that time of year again! Puasa month is here so that means Pasar Ramadhan! You can find them almost anywhere: little stalls set up along the streets, emanating the delicious aromas of rendang, ayam percik and satay luring thousands of people every evening. If you haven’t already checked one out, here are some of the best Ramadhan bazaars around town.

food at pasar ramadhan
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1. Bangsar

Located behind Bangsar Village on the infamous Jalan Telawi, this pasar Ramadhan has people from all walks of life visiting everyday. There are lots of great finds here but, they’re known for excellent murtabak. When you’re there you have to check out Din’s Murtabak. It’s the one shop that sees the most customers. Although this bazaar isn’t as spread out as others, you really have everything you need. If you know exactly what you want, then this is the place for you. Quality of food here is good too and not smothered in oil.

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Known as one of the best and largest bazaars in the KL area, the TTDI bazaar has a plethora of options. The bazaar stretches along Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2. Some of the best dishes to try here are the putu piring,  the kambing bakar marvelous,” nasi briyani and the popiah. The prices may be a little steep but the food is worth it!

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3. Bukit Bintang

Bukit Bintang is one of the most famous spots in KL so it’s no wonder that so many vendors are operating here. The best dish here has to be the fried quail. Served with fresh soup and rice, the bird is cooked until it is the perfect texture of crispy golden brown.

pasar ramadhan
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4. Masjid India

Masjid India is already home to so many shops that sell clothes and souvenirs. This is one of the best places for a bazaar since it sees a lot of Malaysians and tourists. The highlight of this bazaar is Mak Wan’s nasi campur. Locals say she’s one of the more popular stalls there and her nasi campur is usually sold out by 5 p.m.! 

kelana jaya pasar ramadhanPhoto credit: makan2jalan2.blogspot.com

5. Kelana Jaya

Another KL favourite would be the Kelana Jaya bazaar. One thing you will definitely notice is the array of drinks they offer here. Known for its drinks, the choices are aplenty, from sirap bandung, air tebu and many more. This bazaar also stands out from the others as it offers not only your traditional Malay cuisine, but also Chinese food like dim sum and char kuey teow, which are completely halal by the way. Having a variety of options is great in case you get bored of the usual stuff.

So those are our top 5 Ramadan bazaars in KL!  Head over to any of them for a fun session of food-shopping and fill your tummies with some of the treats Malaysia has to offer. If navigating the huge crowds at the bazaars is not your thing, and you’d prefer food delivered and prepared for you and your family during buka puasa, why not try catering? After a long day of fasting, all that walking and queuing at the Ramadhan bazaars can be really tiring.

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written by Tashya Viknesh