5 Amazing but Subtle Star Wars Living Room Aesthetics

Star War’s latest adventure The Last Jedi featured some pretty heavy storytelling amidst a stunning backdrop of islands, deserts and salt plains. Filming locations included beautiful islands and pristine UNESCO World Heritage sites in Bolivia, Coratia, Ireland and Mexico. Of course, some smart camera work and industrial and light ~magic~ went into building the iconic settings where our heroes battled it out for the future of their galaxy far, far away.

You don’t need to book a holiday to these far-flung locations (or travel through hyperspace) to appreciate the Star Wars scenery aesthetics. Relive the adventure in the comfort of your own home with these living room inspirations.

1.When You Want Some Alone Time

Luke’s self-imposed exile brought him to the isolated Ahch-To, home to the first Jedi temple (and Porgs) and sacred birthplace of the Jedi order. Ancient dome-shaped Jedi ruins – maintained by the lovable fish nuns – dot the landscape and give it a quaint, rustic look.

Image credit: Wookieepedia
Photo credit: Interior Decorations

For your own little island sanctuary, try out wispy greens and mossy greys for that rustic and homey look.

2. When You Need Some Enlightenment

Away from the rock huts, Porgs and fish nuns, Rey underwent some intense soul-searching and mind-bending Jedi lessons. Ahch-To’s turbulent seas and treacherous cliffs add to the air of mystery.

Photo credit: IGN
Photo credit: Trendir

Want that look? Cool greys and blues replicate the cliff-by-the-seas look, and while windows allow some natural light into your space, a dark ceiling gives you the shadowy yet calming air of mystery.

3. When You Want To Join The Dark Side

The First Order exudes military efficiency, making its drab and functional look dangerous and powerful.

Photo credit: Business Insider
Photo credit: Fendhome

A minimalist space with stark silvers, whites and blacks will get you aligning with the dark side of the Force. Sparse and sleek furniture gives you enough space for activities that include marching you band of Stormtroopers, rounding up pesky intruders, and maybe watching a little TV on the side .

4. When You Want The High Life

Canto Bight’s luxury and entertainment attracts some pretty unsavoury characters, but it’s decadent enough to impress Finn.

Photo credit: StarWars.com
Photo credit: Home Inspiration Ideas

Go for gold, glitz and finery for the space casino’s look, with gem-toned colours for a little luck. Large windows will let you survey the beautiful cityscape and watch the fun and games below.

5. When You’re Taking A Last Stand

Crait’s desolate ice-and-salt plains provided the perfect setting for the Resistance’s last stand.

Photo credit: Wookieepedia
Photo credit: Home Stratosphere

A dramatic red-and-white colour scheme will set the scene for your exciting bedroom.

Not everyone wants to let their sci-fi flag fly, but would still wish to secretly revel in their Star Wars geekiness. Subtle design choices can let you enjoy the Star Wars aesthetics without needing to decorate your walls with a Millennium Falcon decal, lightsaber lava lamps or something tacky like a Wookie rug or something.

Want to translate your favourite movie looks into great living room aesthetics? Get in touch with one of the many professional and creative Kaodim interior designers to help plan one out today!