TNB claims a 37.8% increase in air con usage due to heatwave

As some of you might have heard, El Nino, is a complex ocean-atmosphere climate interaction or Equinox when the sun crosses directly over the earth’s equator. This phenomenon has been contributing very much on the extremely HOT weather we’ve been experiencing since March 20.


The uncomfortable heat drives to less outdoor activities and higher usage of our air conditioners. The usage of electricity, which escalated by 37.82% in peninsular Malaysia according to The Star, is mostly promoted by the higher consumption of air conditioners compared to other electrical appliances.

Aside from the three-hour extra usage per day, TNB mentioned that the impact of poorly maintained equipment plays a crucial role in that extra hundred on your bill. This also increases the possibility of air con damage.


Even when the damage is not occurring now, the pile of dirt on the condenser coil will cause air flowing problems. As a result, you have to pay 35% extra every month from the “heat” produced by a dirty condenser coil.

The air also produces bacteria from the dirt and moulds, causing fatigue, coughing, itchy eyes, headache, breathing difficulties and tightening of the chest.

Aside from the extra amount you can save on the repairing fees, which costs a lot more than maintenance fees, regular check ups add several years of life to the HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). That’s another sound of cha-ching in your pocket from changing a new one!


Try to cool down your air con before it “heats” you and your bill up in this burning weather. Don’t know where to look for a trusted air con service providers? Kaodim will find get you quotes from multiple air con service technicians for you to compare.

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By Sona Jessica Merlin