4 Ways To Protect Your Home From Bad Weather

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thunder in city at night

On Friday, a terrible rain and hailstorm swept across Kuala Lumpur and caused ceilings to cave in and windows to shatter at the Scope International Building at Technology Park Malaysia.

office wrecked by hailstorm in malaysia
Staff of the Standard Chartered Bank branch at Wisma Scope International, next to Kuala Lumpur-Sungai Besi Highway, viewing the damage to the ceiling after the storm.

People were screaming and scurrying around for safety as the ceiling collapsed. Thankfully, nobody was injured. But that incident shouldn’t be taken lightly. With the unpredictable weather in Malaysia, it’s best to ensure that your home is safely guarded against inclement climate conditions.

electrician fixing wire1. Protect Your Power Outlets

Not too long ago, insane explosions of lightning and thunderstorms forced blackouts in several areas. It is true that storms can overload the power grid. When a lightning strikes a power line, electricity is instantly channeled through the wires and into electronic appliances such as your TV, computer, hairdryer and others. One of the ways to protect your devices is by installing a surge protector. You can contact our expert electricians at Kaodim to help you with that.


roof 2. Fix That Roof

Got a hole in the roof? It’s time to get it fixed before another storm arrives and literally raises the roof. Some repairs are safe to handle by yourself, but when it’s a roof that needs fixing, leave it to the pros.

cracks in the foundation3. Get The Drainage Working Well

Are there cracks along the foundation of your house? Don’t ignore them. If they continue to broaden, this could imply a drainage issue destroying your foundation. Contact a contractor right away to get it properly checked out.

plant by the window4. Secure Your Windows

It’s not often that Malaysia sees hailstorms, but hey, you never know. It’s always best to stay on the safe side and guard your windows with shutters… just in case. You could get temporary shutters made of steel, aluminium or clear plastic.

All these fixtures and inspections should be conducted by trained professionals in the field, so leave the safety of your home and everyone in it to the hands of the skilled workers. For a list of expert electricians, contractors, plumbers and other home improvement services, visit Kaodim to compare quotes and hire your preferred service provider!

written by Carissa Gan