4 Things That Affect Your Aircond Cleaning Frequency

Getting your aircond cleaned on a regular basis is a no brainer, experts recommend twice a year but there are a few exceptions that may result in a more frequent servicing. Here are a few things that will affect your aircond cleaning frequency.


1. Allergies



If someone’s allergies are starting to act up at home it might be caused by your very own aircond. Aircond filters are meant to prevent dust particles from being dispersed into the surroundings.

Look out for anyone showing symptoms of a dust allergy like a runny nose or sneezing, this is a good indicator that your aircond filter is dirty and is not doing a good job blocking the dust, thus triggering your allergies.


2. Babies



When you have babies at home, getting your aircond more frequently cleaned will help keep your baby healthier. A baby’s immune system is not fully developed, this means that they are more susceptible and sensitive to illnesses and allergies. To prevent all possibilities of your baby falling sick, you might want to schedule for your aircond to be cleaned more often to get rid of the dust and other kinds of dirt from your aircond. 


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3. Pets


Having a four-legged friend around at home is great and fun, but it also means more responsibility. Taking care of it is one thing, the more dreaded one is cleaning up after it. If your pet’s hair is left all around the house it can get sucked up into your aircond unit.

This can cause your filter to clog and may lead to major problems. By getting your aircond cleaned, you save quite a sum of money instead of paying for an aircond repair service.


4. Location


Having an aircond unit in the kitchen makes cooking more comfortable and nice to have but it would need cleaning very regularly. Grease can build-up quickly and cause jamming and inflicting damage to some components.

To avoid having to fix the damages or even replacing the aircond unit, just get your aircond cleaned more often to get rid of the built-up grease. Hire our professionals to help extend the lifespan of your aircond or get a reservice if unsatisfied.

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