4 Styles of Beautiful Bed Frames For Every Home

In the past, we Malaysians, as practical people, have always focused more on the function of a bed and the comfort it provides for our repose. That was also the time when decorating a house simply meant buying a few potted plants and sticking a few pictures on the walls.

Now that everyone’s more comfortable with the idea of creating a beautiful living space that combines both function and style, it’s time to rethink your bed and how it can be more than just a standard metal bed frame that holds your mattresses up.

Here are several gorgeous styles of bed frames for you to consider.

Iron frames


For antique lovers, this one looks straight out of a fairytale. Though with the gothic designs, it’s definitely more of a Grimm’s version than Disney’s.


If you prefer something more understated, this simple iron frame is for you. It reminds me of beds in country cottages in America.

Source: southernhospitaliyblog.com

This one, although still looking like an antique, has a more modern look to it. Pair the bed with light sheets and you’ll have a rather fresh look.

Iron beds might be near impossible to find in antique or second hand shops in Malaysia, but if you consult an expert interior designer, they’ll be able to point you to the right direction of a secret ironwork sifu in town!

Four-poster beds


Let’s start with the most classic type — a dark wood four poster bed. This goes well with a general style that is more classic and conservative. A lot of the times, it can be timeless too.


If the one above seems too dark to you, this is how you can make it work — add pillows, comforters, furniture, curtains and even wall paint to provide a good contrast to the dark wood. It definitely seems more inviting now!


This lighter style definitely brightens up the room considerably. By painting it a pastel colour, you definitely get a very different feel compared to the dark wood from the first picture. Add some colourful pillows to enhance the look.


Add a canopy for a dreamy, romantic look. Doesn’t this remind you of a beach vacation? What’s stopping you from having it in your own bedroom?


This four poster bed has a Nusantara design to it. A perfect fit for our natural environment. Though not keen in sleeping outdoors in this Malaysian weather and exposing ourselves to mosquitoes.

Upholstered beds


Oftentimes the bed of choice for interior designers, it’s easy to understand why. Upholstered beds are versatile, you can choose the fabric to go with the rest of the room, not to mention that having a soft headboard is ideal for clumsy people like me who knock our heads everywhere. They are usually simple, yet elegant.


This is a tufted upholstered bed design in a soft, neutral gray that basically blends with everything. A tall headboard is good if you usually sit in bed and read. Upholstered beds are usually easier to find around furniture malls in Malaysia. Otherwise, get an interior designer to help you find the perfect one for your room!

Mid-Century Beds



If you have a soft spot for the 60s and love a more minimalistic design, mid-century style beds are ideal. This is particularly popular for men who prefer to stay away from feminine designs. It’s also fairly simple for a carpenter to follow the design and build for you.


It’s also perfect for smaller rooms as the skinny legs and generally-lower frames make the bed look less chunky and hence opening up the “empty” space in the room.

What’s your personal style and preference? Can you imagine these bed frames in your own bedroom? Can you find one that your spouse will like too? Go to Kaodim.com and consult an interior designer or find a carpenter who can custom build those beds for you today.