4 Reasons To Hate Cockroaches Even More

cockroachPhoto credit: The New Yorker

Cockroaches. Just the thought of them sends unpleasant shivers down our spines. Their antennas are terrifyingly ticklish, and it’s never a good sensation when you feel them around your feet.

You think they’re just disgusting-looking insects that crawl around your house to scare the living daylights out of you – ah, we wish the horror ended there. But that’s where you’re wrong.

They’re in your house to cause severe damages too:

1. Cockroaches Make You Sick

food-poisoningPhoto credit: New Health Advisor

We know the sight of them arouses nausea, but people can get food poisoning and dysentery from cutlery contaminated by cockroaches.

These insects are incredibly dirty. Their bodies contain disease-producing microorganisms, be it bacteria or viruses. Cockroaches carry these harmful things on their hairy legs, leaving traces of them on anywhere they set foot on. So be sure to make sure the places where you store your utensils are cockroach-free, and always rinse your cutlery under water before using them.

2. They Trigger Allergies

Asian woman with nose allergyPhoto credit: Westwood Ear, Nose, & Throat PC

Roaches leave behind strong allergic agents. Their secretion, shedded body parts, and excretion can trigger allergies among people, especially young children. Symptoms of cockroach allergies include coughing, ear infection, and skin rashes.

The number of children suffering from asthma has been increasing every year. To keep your kids safe, you need keep your food sealed in clean containers and get rid of piles of unwanted items.

3. They Destroy Things

torn-bookPhoto credit: Barcroft Media

This pest’s favourite food is anything starchy: books, decaying wood, and wallpaper. If you see a book with half-eaten pages or torn bindings, it’s probably the creepy crawlies’ fault. It becomes dangerous when they start feasting on large wooden furniture, which will result in more critical damage and even serious injuries.

4. They Can Bite & Hurt You

cockroach-bitePhoto credit: How To Start a Pest Control Business

This is everyone’s biggest nightmare. Yes, they bite, and it won’t be pretty. Cockroaches are known to bite humans as well, munching on fingernails, toenails, and skin. Cockroach bites will make your skin irritable and in some cases, create deep wounds as well.

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written by Esther Chung