4 Myths About Airconds You Believed To Be True

Who doesn’t love an airconditioned room? The unforgiving Malaysian sun urges us to turn on the AC at full blast.

However, there are several myths about airconds that need to be addressed right away:

Myth: Set the temperature to the lowest to cool the room down faster

lowest-temperature-aircondPhoto credit: airconservices.sg

Fact: Whether it’s 24°C or 16°C, your aircond produces cool air at a constant speed. The temperature of the air might be different, but the duration needed to fully cool down the house remains the same.

Myth: You don’t really need to service your air conditioner

air-conditioning-servicePhoto credit: Air Conditioning Repair

Fact: You do! Just like how you should service your car once it hits the recommended mileage, your air cond needs to be serviced on a regular basis, at least once every 6 months. This is to identify and fix the unit’s problems if any, as well as to help it run more efficiently.

Prevention is better than cure. It’s always better to detect the problem early, instead of having to avoid getting your unit repaired at a higher cost. To get it serviced by professionals, submit a request on Kaodim.com.

Myth: You can save money by switching on the air conditioner and fan at the same time

fanPhoto credit: Modern Ceiling Design

Fact: Doing this won’t cool the room down faster, but it will definitely drive your electricity bill higher. Many people tend to get this wrong – fans do not cool the air. They merely move the air around you so that you feel cooler. 

Myth: You can install your air conditioner anywhere

outdoor-unitPhoto credit: Mobius Power Inc.

Fact: Where you install your air conditioning unit will make a big difference. Installing an outdoor unit under direct sunlight prevents it from running efficiently. You should also make sure there’s nothing blocking the airflow to the outdoor unit.

Myth: It’s safe to service your air conditioner by yourself

Rear View Of A Man Cleaning Air Conditioning System

Fact: Not at all! Please don’t attempt to repair your aircond by yourself because servicing your AC unit could be more dangerous than you think. Not only would you require all the right tools to get the job done, you would also need a good amount of knowledge and experience as well. The gas in your AC unit can cause frostbite, and if the refrigerant isn’t weighed carefully, it can severely affect the system performance.

To ensure your unit lasts longer, you should get it inspected and serviced regularly by aircond specialists who will be able to advise you on the best places to install, as well as the servicing period. Some things are best left to the professionals. If you need an AC serviced right away, just click here and hire a service expert within your budget right away! 

written by Carissa Gan