4 home problems that needs to be fixed ASAP

Living in a problem-free home is surely the best dream for every homeowner. However, in reality, home problems are inevitable and can be caused by external factors or daily habits. Home problems that are left unbothered can lead to inconvenience in our daily lives or become a safety hazard for the home.

1. Dripping faucet

Be it in the bathroom or the kitchen, faucets are never supposed to be dripping. Potential causes for dripping faucet include scale buildup or parts corrosion that damages the seal. A dripping faucet may seem like a minor issue but they are nuisances that can lead to mould growth, increased water bills or wasted water. To avoid further damage, it’s best to seek professional plumbers for a repair or replacement.

2. Warm AC

Air conditioners are meant to make indoors cooler, not warmer. If you notice your air conditioner is blowing out warm air, there is a possibility that the filters are dirty and need cleaning or replacement. Dirty air conditioner filters that are filled with dust and dirt can reduce the indoor air quality, emit a foul smell and trigger health problems such as skin sensitivity. Hence, regular cleaning and servicing of your air conditioner units every 3-6 months are highly recommended to ensure your air conditioner units are working optimally. 

3. Warm refrigerator 

The refrigerator is certainly the most important kitchen appliance in our daily lives. It helps keep our fresh produce, poultry and perishable food items fresh and safe for consumption. If your refrigerator is not staying cool, check if the doors are always shut after use or ensure that it is not packed to its capacity. Consider cleaning up your refrigerator regularly, check out for warning signs such as condensation, unusual heat or noises. If you suspect your refrigerator is faulty, seek skilled technicians to examine the problem and give it a fix!

4. Faulty water heater

Despite being in an all-year heat, we have constant rainfall too. It’s certainly not fun to have a cold shower when it’s cold outside. Common signs of a faulty water heater include lack of hot water, low hot water pressure, cloudy water and unusual noises. Faulty water heaters are dangerous as they may pose electrocution or fire risk.¬†

Home problems might be inevitable but it is still important to attend to any minor problems as soon as possible to avoid major damages to your home and wallet! Unsure who to contact for your home woes, we got your back! Whether it’s cleaning, home repairs, improvements or renovation, we have it all for you! Don’t miss out on our latest deals!