4 Essential Steps in Building A Home From the Ground Up

As a future home owner, especially one looking to build an entirely new home on an empty land, it’s worth knowing what we are getting into before splurging all our hard-earned cash into what could possibly be a life-long asset. It is always wise to at least know the basics of what goes on in the construction of our homes so we do not have to suffer long term consequences due to negligence from the contractor or renovator.

Consider it Homebuilding 101. Here are the 4 essential, most basic steps in building your own home from the ground up:

Step 1 – Groundbreaking Foundation

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Before the renovation project begins, a typical Malaysian contractor will have a site crew that will excavate the plot of your house and start laying the foundation. The recommended material for the foundation is concrete as they are the strongest.

Next is pouring the foundation. The purpose for this is to distribute the weight evenly and it is typically wider than the home’s foundation which then also forms the perimeter of your house. A structural engineer will evaluate and determine the thickness of the foundation by considering how much weight it has to bear (you know, to support your entire house) while also accounting for other natural forces such as gravity and wind that will have an impact on it.

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Building lines are then set up by putting up corner stakes or batter boards at every corner of the house to level and square up the foundation itself.

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Next is to put into place the floor of your choosing. You have to make sure that you have plumbing lines roughly installed to ensure the accuracy in their placement before pouring the slab. If not, it might be too late to do anything about it. Consider where your sinks, toilets, showers and others would be in your rooms.

Step 2 – Putting Up the 4 Walls and the Roof

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Now we can start framing the walls. Laying the wall lines on the floor and mark the rat sill so the anchor bolt can be attached to it. This also includes marking where the door will be at, windows to be installed and the inside corners of your walls as well as how to go about placing wallpaper when the time comes.

The walls must be braced and plumbed securely by using metal straps.

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We then proceed to build the roof. There are plenty of options out there for you in terms of what type of roof you want. Consult your local carpenter or renovation contractors to determine what will work best for you. Once done, you can start laying out the markings of the roof to set the roof trusses and set each truss in the right location. The contractor will then install your roof with temporary support and proceed to finish the rest of the house.

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A moisture barrier is added by roofing felt installation and then the final roof installation is done along with windows and doors for the exterior of the house.

Step 3 – The Interior

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Now we can focus on the insides of what makes a home habitable for human beings! Contractors and their crew will install pipes, HVAC ductwork, air handlers, pipes for refrigerating purposes as well as electrical outlets.

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Next on the list: ceilings. A lot of materials can be used for the ceiling such as natural wood lumber, beaded plywood paneling and acoustical tiles but the most commonly used are gypsum wallboards.

Step 4 – Finishing Up With The Essentials

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Plumbing fixtures such as bath tubs, showers and toilets are installed. An experienced local plumber through Kaodim will ensure they are properly done and securely anchored.

The interior walls are placed with wall boards or with paneling. Doors, kitchen cabinets and others are promptly installed too.


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Start painting the walls and install light fixtures, breakers in panel boxes if not previously installed. Then the flooring will be installed.


Obviously, a lot more work go into building a new home from scratch and requires professionally trained experts to get everything done right. You should not compromise on quality when it comes to a home where you should be safe in. These are the major steps in homebuilding and when all is done, you can start on the fun part — painting and decorating! Check our Bengkel Kaodim blog for awesome tips in home improvement and decorations.