Top 3 Creative Uses For Wallpaper

We know how cool and easy-to-use wallpapers are at making our walls look great. But just because it’s called ‘wall-paper’ doesn’t mean it can only be used on walls.

Sometimes, no matter how much you want to you just can’t simply wallpaper an entire room.  Maybe because:

  • You are renting the place and the owner wants you to live a boring and dull life.
  • Spending on food is more important so you don’t have the budget to buy multiple rolls of wallpaper.
  • Your walls are just too big to wallpaper.  And you’re lazy.

Why not save money with less wallpaper and put them to creative use instead.

Here are 3 creative ideas for wallpaper that’ll make your home super interesting.

1: Wallpaper Your Staircase

Stairs are a high traffic area, so it is best to find a durable product. We recommend using a vinyl wall covering or a thicker paper for this application. But in the case where the design you like only comes in regular paper, you can consult with your installer to add a protective layer on top.








2: Wallpaper Your Furniture

Whether the furniture is made of wood, plastic or any metal, they all sustain to damages with age. You can always send it for refurbishing but before you do that, check out how you can make old furniture look great again with wallpaper





And if you really like how your furniture looks on the outside, you could enhance its appearance by wallpapering the insides.







3: Framed Wallpaper Art

Every wallpaper has a pattern or a design which is an art work of the surface designer. If you find one that you really like or you think looks fancy, get it framed on foam core or gator boards. Get them into big frames and this way you can cover-up most of the wall space and get the look you wanted.





You could get yourself a roll of wallpaper and try out any of the ideas above and see how it goes.

Whether you are thinking of a wallpaper installation for your walls, stairs, furniture or to frame up, consult a wallpaper expert at Kaodim and we will help you find the right people for the job.

Get quotes for any of these projects or browse wallpaper designs so you can pick the ones you like best for your home.  You can get them to help you with any of the projects above but perhaps it might be fun to dedicate a weekend where you and your friends can do this together!