3 ways to protect your home

We have all done it before. Leaving a window open to get some breeze. Leaving doors unlocked while you work in the garden. Leaving wallets, purses, laptops, and other valuables in plain sight. These things make a break-in so much easier for a crook.

Break-ins happen almost every other day in Malaysia so we can’t afford to be complacent. Even though there may be police cars patrolling your neighbourhood and there is a security company watching your area, you still have to play an active role in making your community safe.

It isn’t just personal safety we’re talking about here, as one’s house is after all, the place for all things that make up the home – from the aircon, carpentry work, landscaping and all the work within an interior designer’s sphere, including furniture, lighting and other interior decorations.

So protecting your home should very well be one of your top priorities. You could start by improving the security of your home for more peace of mind. Plus, isn’t prevention better than the cure?

1.Upgrade the locks

Upgrading the locks on all doors and windows is the first key to home security.

For exterior doors, a deadbolt can enhance your security. A deadbolt is a type of lock with a steel bolt that extends into the door jamb and strike plate of a door frame. The most common type of deadbolt is the single-cylinder deadbolt, operated by a twist knob on the inside of the door and a key on the outside.

0a0e8ed9b26b1dba5464218bd2c5131cPhoto credits belong to Skydas

Some people prefer the double-cylinder deadbolt, which doesn’t have a twist knob and requires a key for operation both inside and outside the home. For the deadbolt to function properly, the bolt must extend fully into the hole on the door jamb. The hole should be reinforced with a metal strike plate. If the bolt doesn’t extend all the way into the hole or if a strike plate isn’t used, the lock and doorframe can be compromised.

a1A double-cylinder deadbolt.                                                                                                                                    Photo credits belong to Houzz

2. Keep it bright

Light up the areas surrounding doors, windows, and blind spots. Remember to install lights high up on exterior walls so they can’t be easily disabled.

Additionally, you can install motion sensor lights. These lights automatically switch on when it detects an object moving across its field of view. The lights then stay on for a pre-determined set of time, anywhere between 1 to 20 minutes. Thereafter, the sensor switches the light off and continues scanning its field of vision until it senses movement.

This will be very useful during the night as it will automatically light up a dark porch, a dark pavement or even a dark area of your garden when you’re passing by those areas.

Whether you’re coming home at night, have to navigate a dark porch, or wondering about strange noises in your backyard, you’ll be safer when any nearby motion activates your outdoor lights and they switch on.

a2Deter potential burglars with motion sensor lighting.
Photo credits belong to This Old House

 3. Get a security system

If you have a big house with no security guard in your neighborhood, a security system might be your best protection. There are two main types of security systems available: a local alarm and a monitored system.

Local alarms are designed to make a lot of noise to scare off a potential intruder. A well-trained dog functions as a good local alarm.

Alternatively, you can opt for a fully monitored security system. These systems are equipped with live monitoring of the CCTV recordings on your smartphone. You can be notified of suspicious activities even before a break-in happens! These modern systems can also connect you to the local police station via a speed dialing system that you can use during an emergency.

Here are a few questions to answer when considering a monitored alarm system:

  • Is the system user-friendly?
  • Does the system come with a maintenance plan to cover parts and service?
  • Does the system have a rechargeable backup battery?
  • Is the system connected to a 24-hour monitoring center?
  • Who does the monitoring, and what is their experience and reputation?

a3Monitor your home via an app on your tablet or smartphone.
Photo credits belong to UK Security Ltd.

Are you looking to install a security system at home? Look no further and be secure in the knowledge that our experts at Kaodim will keep you and your family safe and sound.