3 Ways To Prevent Your Children From Getting Coronavirus 

Corona virus can attack anyone without exception, both adults and children. Although the victims of this virus are mostly adults, lately cases in children and even toddlers are also beginning to be reported. Here are 3 steps for you to protect your children from Corona.

1. Tell them what to do to keep them safe

If you’re frustrated about not being able to hang out with your friends or go to the office or restaurant, your kids are likely even more so. Therefore, you should guide them patiently and enhance their knowledge about COVID-19. Also, you can apply graphics or storytelling to increase their understanding of this virus. Hence, the kids will know what they are allowed or not allowed to do during this pandemic outbreak.

2. Encourage them to make healthy choices with you

After you explain to them what exactly is COVID-19, it’s time to provide them an opportunity to take their safety into their own hands. Maybe you can design a hand washing routine, eat more fruits and vegetables with them, or encourage your kids to take charge of healthy precautions to prevent them from getting corona. For example, tell them what is the importance of social distance with people.

3. Teach Children To Wash Their Hands Diligently

In this case, washing hands is very very important considering when doing various kinds of activities consciously or unconsciously hands often interact with things that can spread contamination such as shaking hands, holding stairs, opening doors. Therefore hand washing is a must to avoid various kinds of bacteria that cause disease. Familiarize your child to wash their hands properly by using soap and running water for at least 20 seconds. Make sure to wash all parts of the hands including the back of the hand, between the fingers and the tips of the nails. 

The COVID-19 situation is ever-changing, and as time goes on, the cases still increase rapidly. Stay safe at home and arrange some activities for your kids during the partial lockdown.