4 Ways To Find A Service Provider On The Vendor Directory!

Booking services from us has never been easier, now with our vendor directory, you can book and select your preferred vendor to complete the job. Learn how to search for a vendor using our vendor directory by following these simple steps.


1. Select a service



The first way to find a vendor is by picking a service you would like to have. There’s a selection of a few of our popular services displayed, if you don’t see the service you want, click the search icon and type in the service you want on the search bar.

Once you find the service you would like, select it by clicking the empty circle. The circle will turn red when your service has been selected. Now press ‘Apply’ and a list of vendors providing the selected service will appear.


2. Put in location 



Another way to narrow down the search for your preferred vendor, you can place the location of where you would like the service done. By pressing either the search icon or ‘Search by location’, a pop-up will appear similar to the service selection one.

Type in and select the location and then press the ‘Apply’ button to begin the search. The list of vendors will now be narrowed down now only showing the vendors providing services in your selected area making your search that much easier.


3. Choose and compare vendors



This way is self-explanatory, make your decision a little easier with the help of reviews and testimonials made by other customers. Simply click a vendor listed and you will be led to their main profile.

You can learn more about the vendor by browsing through their profiles which contain information like the services they provide, the number of jobs they have completed and their ratings.

Now that you know how to navigate through our vendor directory, you can browse multiple vendors’ profiles and find the most suitable vendor for the job.


4. Rebooking vendors


If you are a returning customer who is satisfied and enjoyed the work of a particular vendor, you can easily book them again by clicking the ‘Previously booked vendors’ tab. In this tab, you will be able to see all the vendors you have previously booked.

All you have to do is click the ‘Request this vendor’, complete your service request and submit it. Just like that and you have already secured a service with the same vendor.

If you want to support this vendor and their business, you can share the vendor’s profile with your friends and family by clicking the ‘Share vendor profile’ button.