3 Types Of Lighting Tones And What They Are Good For

A proper lighting setup combines multiple lighting to create a comfortable space around your home where you can work, relax, share a meal with friends or others. This is the reason why all lighting features need to correspond to the different requirements of the room. Here are 3 basic types of lighting tones you should know:

Ambient indoor/outdoor lighting

Ambient or general lighting is an essential part of any good lighting as it is designated to light up a room entirely. Besides setting the tone for a room, ambient lighting creates accessible light for people to see and move around safely and easily. For example, overhead fixtures and stand-alone fixtures can provide general ambient indoor lightings such as chandeliers, ceiling lamps, table lamps and others. Warming up the colour temperature of your ambient lighting can give your space a romantic effect. 

On the other hand, ambient outdoor lighting is used for ensuring the visibility around the building in order to eliminate the risk of injury that may occur when entering or leaving the building.


Accent lighting

Accent lighting creates a focal point of interest or to achieve a desired effect in a room. It is usually used to draw attention and add drama to a piece of artwork, architectural feature, potted plant or other decorative objects. Generally, accent lighting should be directly fixed on the wall-mounted fixtures or recessed lighting, which can be angled to create a spotlight effect. 

It is recommended to hire an expert to consult and install the appropriate lighting fixtures for you so your painting or photography doesn’t get damaged over time due to the UV light or overheat.

Task lighting

Task lighting can be provided by several different sources, so you can adjust the lighting for your workspace based on your needs and preferences. For example, your elder parents will become more sensitive to glare and require more light to read newspapers, so creating the highest quality lighting is important in order to protect their eyes. An effective task lighting will actually make it ideal for reading, craft, work and more activities! 

Incorporating these three types of lighting into your lighting scheme can actually protect your eyes and boost your working efficiency. Be sure you hire an experienced expert to install and examine the lighting and electrical wiring to avoid putting yourself at risk! If you need help with lighting installation, book now and our expert will come to you. Kaodim also offers professional electrical wiring repair services, book now at fixed prices and you can enjoy free protection coverage for damage and theft.