3 Tips To Tastefully Use Marble In Your Home

There’s so much to love about marble: the clean, bright look of its natural colour, its elegance and timelessness, its coolness that’s perfect for our hot Malaysian climate, and so much more. In Malaysia, we have also been blessed with those limestone hills around Ipoh that have provided us with a great supply of good quality marble at an affordable price.

However, the awe that’s inspired by the Taj Mahal can quickly turn into a raised eyebrow if the marble is simply over the top or used in ways that conjure a cold, steely, outdated image in a home. You know what I’m talking about. We’ve seen plenty of those. They might need some interior design help if you ask me.

Source: CNtraveler.com

Don’t make that mistake! Give marble and your home the right treatment they deserve. We are big fans of marble here at Kaodim so we’re delighted to share 3 simple tips to artfully and tastefully use this wonderful material in your home design:

1. Marble on Floors

Source: homedsgn.com
Source: homedsgn.com

Let’s start with the most traditional use of marble in Malaysian homes but with a more updated look. Here’s an inspiration for modern sophistication designed by an interior design company in Malaysia, this cool Black Marquina marble floor balances the warm wood tones and contemporary furniture in one of its house renovation projects. Even though the marble floor is black, the room has a bright, airy feeling to it. This, is the magic of good taste and design!

2. Marble on Walls 

Source: theglobeandmail.com

A wall doesn’t just have to be a wall. As trendy as exposed brick is nowadays, a marble wall brings the kind of classic elegance to your space that will rival those hipster homes, as long as you don’t overdo it. Try a backsplash in your kitchen. Then balance the overall look with some wood. Neutral colours go well with this.

Source: thedesignchaser.com
Source: thedesignchaser.com

3. Marble Accessories & Furniture

So you’re really starting to get into this marble idea but not sure if you’d like the hassle of a major renovation to execute #1 and #2 with permanent marble fixtures? Well, this is a much easier alternative.

Source: horchow.com

Focus on introducing one or two marble accessories to the room. For example, a pair of marbled lamps in the bedroom or living room, marble candle holders and soap set in the bathroom, or marble cutting boards and vases in the kitchen.

Source: mydubio.com

How about a suspended marble shelf like this one below as an alternative to a headboard?

Source: bloglovin.com
Marble Shelf in Bedroom, Source: bloglovin.com

Now, let’s move on to bigger pieces: marble furniture. They make great statement pieces and are well worth the investment because they are strong and sturdy to last a lifetime.

When paired correctly with other pieces in the room, you have the freedom to wield it in looks that suit your style — modern and chic, grand and luxurious, minimalistic, etc. There are just multiple ways to do it.

Source: housetodesign.com

The slab of marble as a coffee table in the picture above gives the room a retro feel, reminiscent of the 60s. If you opt for a black marble, you can play with colours for the complementing furniture, rugs and accessories.

Marble tables are versatile pieces and easy to incorporate into any room, Source: hgtv.com

Add an elegant marble coffee table to your living room or replace a wooden kitchen island with a marble version for a visual transition between your cooking area into the dining area. I’m a sentimentalist and a small round marble table always reminds me of trips to old-style kopitiams in Penang with marble tables and stools and tiled floors. You can find one that has that traditional look or find one that’s totally modern like the table in the picture above.

Any other great ideas for using marble around the home or even at your office? Share them with us! And if you need help shopping for the perfect marble piece of designing a room to incorporate marble, talk to one of our expert interior designers! Then work with one of our awesome Kaodim contractors to build that into reality!