3 Things That Makes Us Malaysian

Selamat Hari Merdeka fellow Malaysians! 63 years ago, we achieved independence by uniting together as a nation. Malaysia is an amazing country known for our unique diversity in races, cultures and beliefs. There’s so much to love about this country we call home like the people, the history, the sites and especially the food. Whether it’s a hearty meal of nasi lemak, spicy curries served on banana leaf or dim sum, us Malaysian can’t get enough! 


1. Unity and togetherness




Amidst the tough times we’ve faced, us Malaysians face them together, helping each other regardless of our race and religious beliefs. For example, look at how us Malaysian braved through the pandemic! We may be a small nation in the eyes of the world, but our citizens made global headlines for our patience and unity in fighting the pandemic. Us Malaysians supported each other, whether it was donating to the less fortunate during the MCO to supporting local businesses such as ordering a homemade cake from our neighbours or sharing our peer’s businesses online. Another pristine example would be the collective efforts from the Ministry of Health (MOH) as well as the frontliners, such as doctors, nurses and paramedics. They had put their lives on the line to take care of us, which only proves how deep our love for each other is.


2. Semangat Malaysia




Every Malaysian is proud to be one, we always speak well and positively about our country. This passion flourishes especially during the football and badminton season. We Malaysians have something in our blood that makes us competitive and gives us drive, that’s what we call Semangat Malaysia. We always want to be that much better than others which drives us to become better. 


3. Sharing culture and love



Our spirit of always sharing truly makes us who we are, even the smallest things like welcoming our home to people of different ethnicity, backgrounds and beliefs without any judgment and prejudice during the festive seasons to celebrate together. 


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Terima Kasih Malaysia!


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