3 Things to Look for When Hiring a Renovation Service

Renovations can be very costly depending on what and how much you are planning to get renovated. Many may find it hard to justify paying such a large amount of money to renovate their home, you should instead think of it as putting your money to good use. To make sure you spend your money well on a renovation project, here are a few things to look for when hiring a renovation service.


1. All-rounder contractor



The most important part of a renovation is the contractor, before commencing your renovation project be sure to hire an all-rounder contractor. You want a contractor that has experience in multiple aspects so they can advise you and help you with all your renovation needs.

You also want to hire a contractor who you can openly communicate with to avoid any misunderstandings during the renovation. When you book with Kaodim, you can choose from a wide variety of vendors using our vendor directory. There are ratings and customer testimonies for you to review, you can also receive quotes and compare the prices of different vendors by simply messaging them. 


2. Insurance




Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, it’s scary but we should always be prepared for the worse. Having insurance for a renovation project is ideal in case of an accident, insurance for renovations usually will cover the damage of property but it costs quite a sum.

When you book renovation service from us, we provide free protection coverage up to RM50,000 against damage and theft by Allianz. We will also handle any disagreements with the contractors if necessary.


3. Discounts and payment plans




It’s normal to be worried about finance when planning your renovation, after all, it is quite a lot of money being committed to this renovation. That’s why for our renovation service, we provide three financial payment plans for our customers to choose from based on their financial needs.

For our renovation services, you get to enjoy great benefits like paying only half the amount when 80% of your renovation project is completed and interest-free installment. Plan your renovation today and get up to 30% off home improvement and repair services!