3 things you can expect when you getting your home cleaned regularly!

Hiring professional cleaners to clean our home isn’t just to keep up appearances, but to also ensure your home hygiene is in the best of conditions, with the amount of germ and dust buildup when your home is not cleaned it can trigger some negative effects, that is why we highly recommended regular cleaning here’s why. 

Keep you healthier 

Typically, indoor dust is composed of things that can be found within your homes such as human skin cells, hairs, pet dander and others. Those dust particles accumulating onto your cabinets, bookshelf or other areas might seem like a minor irritation. However, from a study, experts found that these tiny airborne particles can be potentially harmful and lead you to serious illnesses such as asthma, skin allergies reaction, and more. 

But fret not! You can book our Kaodim weekly house cleaning services to get rid of those harmful dust and keep your immune system healthier. Our cleaning experts will assist you to get unreachable areas dust-free like beneath beds, wall corners and others. 

Boost your productivity

A dirty home can actually cause you a massive reduction in your motivation and productivity. When your home is filthy, your brain is focused on the uncompleted household chores instead of the task at hand, especially for those who’re being advised to work remotely or virtually learning.  

Hence, a hygienic and clean environment can really boost your productivity and creativity in order to get your work done more effectively! Also, scientists have found that most cleaning products are scented with lemon and pine which can make people feel more joyful. Be sure you book our weekly cleaning services to leave you feeling more energetic!

Keeping pests away

Household pests like cockroaches, bed bugs and rats generally live in a moist and warm area and tend to hide in dust or dirt. Therefore, they are easily attracted to food crumbs, leaky pipes and grease spills. These disgusting pests carry numerous illnesses-bacterias that can make us sick. 

The way to minimise this risk of pests is to get your home cleaned regularly to ensure that you don’t make your home their home too. By ridding your house of crumbs and spills you will make your home less likely to make the pest comfortable.

A clean home can decrease the risk of infections and mood triggers! We recommend booking our Weekly Home Cleaning service now at only RM80/session and our experts will come to you. Book now and you can enjoy free protection coverage for damage and theft! If you are facing pesky problems, you can opt for General Pest Control (1 visit) service and you will be entitled to a reservice if unsatisfied!