3 Signs You Have A Leaky Roof

Usually, small roof leaks can go undiscovered but it can actually cause major damage to certain wooden structures and even start causing your walls to begin to mould if you’re still unsure if you are dealing with a leaky situation, don’t worry here are 3 signs you have a leaking roof. 

Water stains on your ceilings

One of the common signs your roof is leaking is an obvious stain across ceilings or run down walls and it is often ringed with brown. Also, some stains are hard to see as they occur in darker corners. Therefore, once you notice discolouration on your ceiling or walls, be sure you get your roof inspected to prevent any big problems such as rotting framing, damaged ceilings and other roof leak problems.  

Gutters dripping water

Generally, a gutter takes rainwater away from the structure of your home when there is rainfall on the roof. Yet, if the gutter is clogged with dirt or debris, it can prevent the gutter from functioning normally and cause dripping. Once the water enters the structure of your home, it can lead to severe damage and even put your safety at risk! We recommend booking our experts to examine and address your problems the right way to avoid any further damage.

Mould and mildew 

A leaky roof can result in mould and mildew growth within several days when water enters the home. This is because once the water builds up, it will become an ideal environment for thriving mould and mildew and can pose a serious health risk to you and your family like respiratory problems, allergies and more. We recommend booking Kaodim experts when dealing with roof leaks or mould to diagnose your roof problem and avoid further damage. 

The faster you spot the above signs that you might have a leaky roof, the faster you can prevent damage from spreading. If you need expert help, you can book our Kaodim Roofing Repair now and our trusted experts will fix your problem efficiently. Book now and you’ll be entitled a reservice if the service is below satisfactory. You can also opt for our Kaodim Painting & Labour Supply service and our experts will provide you with high-quality painting service.