3 Reasons Why You Should Try Hiring A Personal Trainer

You’ve probably been saying this to yourself everyday, for the past 5 years:

“I’ve got to exercise more”

“I’ve got to lose weight”

At best you end up going for a run twice a week, even though you told yourself that you’d run at least 4 times.

girl abs

Good enough right?  Probably not, because you also rewarded yourself by consuming glucose, salt, unsaturated fat, preservatives, oil and all sorts of stuff that’s inherently going to add that weight back onto your body, essentially making those 2 runs pointless.


At the same time, you can’t limit yourself to vegetables and food without oil, fat and salt.  You’re not a rabbit.  You’re an intelligent human being with a complex and demanding appreciation for flavours and texture.

The result is that you never achieve the goals you had in your mind and you end up getting stuck in an infinite loop of flab, nasi lemak, double chins and an enlarging neck.

A gym membership is not going to change anything.

Let’s face it, the only way anything is going to change is if someone walked into your life and changed it for you.  Like Cesar the dog whisperer who transforms raging murdering pitbulls into rabbit licking puppies, or Gordon Ramsay who turns e-coli infested kitchens into restaurant that serve food to humans, not bacteria. For you, that someone would be a personal trainer or a weight loss trainer or even a fitness trainer. Whichever name you choose, that person is going to whip you into the shape you’ve always dreamt off (no, not the donut).

Cesar shows a dog how to do a proper lunge


Kaodim has a pool of highly qualified, certified and experienced personal trainers who could potentially transform your double chin into this godlike specimen


Here’s how:

A Personal Trainer Is Your Accountability Police

It’s the truth.  If someone doesn’t make you do it, you’re not going to do it.  The only way you’re going to feel like you have to do 5 push ups is because you’re paying money for it or if your trainer will make you do 25 more if you don’t.  We all need someone to hold us accountable for our actions and habits.  It’s normal and there’s no shame in admitting it.

You Get Customised, Realistic Fitness Goals

If it’s going to take you a little too long to look like any of the models pictured above, your fitness trainer might get you 60%……maybe 20% there by preparing a personalized fitness schedule for you.  But the good thing is your trainer has taught you how to do all the workouts properly so you can do it yourself in the future.

You Get Variety- Which Is Important For Weight Loss
If you went to the gym on your own you’d probably spend the whole hour doing useless exercises.  You’d coast through the whole session thinking you did well, when all you really did was set the treadmill to speed 4 and watch CNN on the TV screens in front of your treadmill;  Or you do crunches (which don’t work by the way) and then spend 5 minutes on What’s App.
Crunches aren’t as good for you as you think
A personal trainer will incorporate a variety of workouts that include cardio, weight training and flexibility.  The trainer will determine the right number of weights, reps and sets for you.  The trainer will bring new ideas and help you discover muscles in your body which you never knew existed.  It’s like when Peter Parker discovered the spider bite gave him super human strength.  He started skateboarding and walls, jumping off buildings and hanging out on high tension wires.  You might feel the urge to do that too.  Your life will change.
If you don’t switch up your workouts you get into a repetitive, stale fitness routine. That means you go through the same motions every time you’re at the gym.   Your muscles end up becoming spoilt and lazy.   This is bad because you need to confuse your muscles in order to build muscle.  Personal trainers are experts at confusing your muscles.  You’ll just end up confusing yourself trying to confuse your muscles.
But if looking like a model isn’t motivating for you, then just work out and get in shape because it’s the healthier and right thing to.  It just helps you be better at everything else you do.
Some of the personal trainers you might be able to find on Kaodim include the swanky Fitology, Nike Master Trainer Emelda Vincent, and Khaleem Khan.
Emelda Vincent of Emelda Fitness
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