Why You Should Get Your Upholstery Professionally Cleaned

When was the last time you had your upholstery cleaned? If you can’t remember it’s probably time to get that taken care of. Unless there’s an obvious stain from your son dropping his plate of spaghetti on your favourite sofa, most people overlook the dirt that accumulates on their upholstered furniture over years.  You’ll start seeing discolouring and perhaps a foul odour which you can really live without!

After all, if you’re looking at the same piece of furniture day in and day out, it’s tough to notice the difference.

The change might be subtle, but believe me, you can feel it and smell it.

Here are three reasons why you should get your upholstery professionally cleaned in Malaysia.  Kaodim can help you with this.

Health and Hygiene

We don’t want to scare you but would like to share with you, our fellow home-dwellers the things that have called your carpet their home after years of neglect:

1.Food bits

Yes You, the one who’s always eating potato chips while watching Arsenal vs. Manchester United!!


Imagine the accumulation of dust after years of not cleaning it.

3. Grime

Coffee stains or dirt ingrained on the surface.


This can get a bit annoying especially  if you have  long hair or pets with long hair.

5.Dead skin cells

Everyone ages thus dead skin cells tend to stick onto materials.

6.Dust mites

Apparently, they love to feast on dead skin cells.  Bet you never knew they looked like this!

These are dust mites. Source: georgianbaywetcleaners

If your children are constantly sneezing whenever she/he starts siting on the carpet, this sends a signal that your upholstery needs to be cleaned.

 How to solve it?

source: www.contractil.com
source: www.contractil.com

One of the main reasons you would hire a professional upholstery cleaner instead of trying to do it yourself is that there are many stains which quite difficult to remove it on your own.  You can’t exactly vacuum your couch or use clothes washing powder.

First of all, you would need to know whether if a store-bought cleaner is suitable for your fabric. Otherwise, there is a chance that you might ruin that swanky mid-century modern loveseat that you loved. A professional cleaner would definitely know what type of cleaning agents to use for a certain fabric types.  Most homeowners do not usually own these cleaning agents. Besides that, professional cleaners have special tools to make sure that all nooks and crannies are cleaned well.

Extend the life of your furniture

Source: Squeakycleancouch.net.au


Regular care and cleaning will definitely help your furniture last longer. Furniture starts to look and smell grimy after awhile, especially those that are frequently used in households with children and pets, or if your home is always closed up with little air circulation.  Getting your upholstery clean will help to break down and rinse off the dirt that causes your fabric to wear and tear easily.  Hopefully any foul odour would disappear as well.

Be awed at how your upholstered furniture will look once you have it cleaned and treated by professional upholstery cleaner. It will be a love at first sight once again.

Caring for your upholstery by hiring a professional cleaner on a semi-regular basis is definitely a wise investment for your home, health and of course, for your precious furniture. Get a quote today from our experts at Kaodim.