3 reasons why weekly house cleaning is better than monthly house cleaning?

We all strive to live in a cleaner space but most of us find cleaning to be a tedious and tiring affair and may procrastinate and allow the mess to accumulate until we can’t find the bedroom floor. Before this happens you should opt to get your home cleaned on a weekly basis to give yourself a well-deserved peace of mind, here’s why. 

Keeps You Healthier 

Dust and clutter can increase significantly in between cleanings. So if the interval of cleaning is far apart, like monthly, your home will easily develop layers of the dust and cause allergic reactions such as asthma or skin irritation. Dust is made up of a combination of hair, pollen, textile fibres and other materials found in the local environment.

But fret not! These illnesses and nasty dust can be prevented if the cleaning is done every week. Therefore, we recommend booking our Kaodim weekly house cleaning service to help you get rid of the dust or dirt. 

A Fresh Start Every Week 

Walking into a dust-free home, breathing in a cleaner and fresher air will definitely leave you feeling more energetic. Scientists have found that most cleaning products are scented with lemon and pine which can leave people feeling more joyful. 

Weekly house cleaning can help trigger your mood and ensure that you don’t have to worry about the weekly mess. 

Spend More Time With Your Loved Ones

If you have experienced monthly cleaning services, you must understand that you still need to be responsible for other maintenance cleanings for the rest of the weeks as the dust can accumulate rapidly. However, all these chores are time-consuming and may take away precious time you can spend with your family or friends.

Weekly cleaning experts can take that burden away from you, so you have more precious hours spent with your loved ones. A clean house will be more enjoyable for you and your guests. 

Obviously, weekly house cleaning services can maintain the cleanliness of your home and improve your health more effectively. If you need help with house cleaning, you can book our weekly house cleaning services. Book now at only RM80/session and our experts will be taking necessary precautions during Conditional MCO to ensure your safety!