3 Reasons Your Roof Is Leaking

Dealing with a leaky roof is not ideal for any homeowner but it can be unavoidable especially during the rainy season. The significant damage a leaky roof can cause to your home and furniture can certainly burn a big hole in your wallet the longer you wait to repair it! That is why we recommend getting the problem resolved before any further damage is caused. Here are 3 reasons why your roof is leaking. 

Damaged Flashing

Generally, flashing is made of metal that is installed on the transition areas of your roof and sealed with roof mastic and fibre membrane to form a water-resistant barrier. However, over time, the mastic will start to corrode and can easily get destroyed by severe weather conditions such as high winds and heavy rain. On the other hand, if your flashing sections are not being nailed down properly it will cause a leaky roof too. 

Once your flashing cracks, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible to prevent causing further damage. It can be a very tough and dangerous job so leaving it to trained experts is highly recommended!

You Have Broken Shingles

Roof shingles are the exterior layer of the roof that serves as a cover for and keeps your home from rainwater. You can easily spot once you have a missing or broken shingle by looking at your roof frequently. Also, due to harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain or wind, shingles can fall off your roof. Once you have a damaged shingle on your roof, air will filter into the ventilation part of the roof and potentially threaten your safety.

Working with roof shingles can be a complicated process so it is recommended to hire our Kaodim experts to address your problem effectively. 

Poor Installation

One of the common causes of a leaky roof is poor workmanship. If an inexperienced roofing contractor installs the roof improperly or utilises faulty materials, leaks will always happen. For example, leaky roofs caused by incorrect installation can include roof flashing, roof vents, and others. 

If you are looking for expert advice, we recommend booking our Kaodim roofing installation service as our experts are trained and equipped and you can request a reservice if the service is below satisfactory. 

Once you notice any signs of leakage on your ceiling it is imperative to resolve the problem promptly to prevent further damage or even greater expense. You can opt for our Roofing Repair service and our expert will get it done for you. Book now and you can request a reservice if the service is below satisfactory.