3 Plumbing Problems Best Left to the Pros

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There is nothing more annoying than a leaky tap or a drippy sink.But those are just some easy plumbing problems anyone can fix. The bigger plumbing problems can result in significant damage around the house, and is also wasteful in terms of natural resource and cost. For more complicated plumbing works, it is sometimes best to just leave it to the professionals.

Here are examples of three complicated plumbing issues where we highly recommend that you save yourself the trouble simply by hiring professional plumbing services to get the job done.

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1. Water heater problems

If your water heater is leaking, taking too long to heat up, making unusual noises it should not make, or just not working the way it should, then you need to engage a professional plumber. If you are not well versed in dismantling a water heater or do not have knowledge in electrical works, do not attempt to repair it on your own. Water heaters are also expensive to replace if you accidentally make the problem worse. To be safe, it’s definitely worth it to get professional help. Go to Kaodim.com and find a professional plumbing service in multiple cities in Malaysia.

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2. Burst internal pipes

There are a few common reasons why water pipes burst at home. Burst pipes can be caused by aging, corrosion, high water pressure and blocked pipes. However, burst pipes can be difficult to handle and require the attention of trained plumbers.

The consequences of a burst pipe are often dramatic and devastating. Embedded burst pipes can result in electrical short circuit, moldy walls and even injury due to slippery floors. If you engage professional plumbers, they can investigate where the pipe is damaged and fix it because it causes further damage. This involves hacking walls, cutting and replacing certain segments or whole pipe length and concealing the damaged walls.

When that is done, it’s also a good idea for them to check the other pipes in the house for prevention purposes.

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3. Blocked drainage or sewage back up

Overflowing toilet bowls and shower drainage holes are amongst the worst plumbing problems anyone can imagine. While big leaks or exploding pipes definitely aren’t pleasant, having sewage backing up your pipes into your home is something most homeowners wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy. But it’s a problem that unfortunately, tend to happen to the unlucky ones. You’ll never know.

If your toilet is clogging frequently and simple methods to fix the blockage aren’t working, you might have a bigger problem that’s beyond your expertise. Some of these reasons include structural defects, root infiltration, improper flushes (items that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet), wet weather, flooding around and under your home, planning problems with sewage lines, pipe blockages or broken or leaking pipes. Hire a professional plumbing service. Through Kaodim.com, you can get up to 5 free quotes and pick the one that matches your needs the most. Trust us, you don’t want a sewage explosion in your home.