3 New Norms & Habits We Have Adopted Since the Pandemic

This pandemic has had such a big impact on everyone across the globe. We all faced obstacles but eventually learnt how to overcome them by adapting to this new normal lifestyle. Here are 3 new norms and habits we have adopted since the pandemic.

1. Hygiene has become our priority




We all know that the Coronavirus is primarily spread via contact and respiratory droplets. According to a study, the virus can stay on surfaces like plastic and metal for up to 7 days. It has been strongly advised that our personal hygiene is our best defense to the virus.

Hence, hygiene has become everyone’s top priority. There are hand sanitizer dispensers all around us, ensuring that we sanitize our hands frequently to kill any underlying threats that we have collected on our hands. It is now normal for us to take frequent showers especially after leaving the house and wiping surfaces that may be contaminated like our groceries, food packaging, car seats and many more.

If you are looking to disinfect your home and your car as well, hire our professionals to ensure your home and car are free from any potential threats.


2. Apps are our best friends




During MCO, plenty of restrictions to go out were in place. It was quite inconveniencing to run small errands like buying food and doing grocery shopping because everywhere had long queues and not many options left available due to low supply.

Lucky for us, we are in the era of technology, ordering and buying food has never been easier. There are so many apps in the app store that enable us to even buy groceries and have it delivered to our doorstep which is both safe and convenient. For those shopaholics, since most stores weren’t open online shopping became their go-to.

A great app for booking house services is non-other than the Kaodim app. Choose your selected services and hire our professionals to provide you with quality services. Did you know we are also on the Grab app? You can book us under the Clean & Fix category! The more you book the more Grab Rewards await!


3. Being more productive at home




Because of this pandemic, even getting out of the house to leave for class or work is considerably risky and unsafe. This is why most schools and offices have moved to online classes and working from home.

Some enjoy this chance to have classes or work in the comfort of their own home, whereas some find that it can be less effective. However, it is uncertain how long we have to continue sticking to this lifestyle so we should face it with a positive mindset and make good use of this chance to be as productive as we can at home.


Now is your best opportunity to try something new, whether it is learning a new skill or language, doing a workout routine or practising yoga. It’s easily accessible with platforms like Skillshare, MasterClass, Italki, Duolingo and many more. Use the extra time wisely and don’t throw this chance away.

Be sure your home is as comfortable and conducive as it can be, a clean home and workspace can certainly help improve your productivity at home. If you need help cleaning your home, book our professionals to ensure your home is clean and tidy. Don’t worry, our service providers are practising the appropriate SOP’s to ensure both their personal and our customers’ safety.