3 Must-have Items to Help with Plumbing Woes!

Are you a DIY enthusiast who likes to fix and solve home-related issues yourself? Even if you aren’t we’re pretty sure you’ve faced at least one plumbing issue, that may have led you wishing you had called in a plumber instead, however, we have some good news to help you minimise and solve plumbing problems, here are 3 items you need to always have in your home!


1. Kitchen sink strainers




Do you know how much food waste gets flushed down your sink and causes the pipes to clog in the long run? Stop letting that happen, instead purchase a sink strainer, which you can easily find in any household convenient stores and they only cost a few bucks.

The strainer helps collect any food residue from going down the pipe and causing a clog. The sink strainer should be cleaned on a daily basis to throw out all the residue away to avoid inviting nasty germs and bacteria to grow around the sink. If you already have a clogged sink, hire our professional plumbers to help.


2. Plunger




Another essential item to fix your plumbing woes is no other than a plunger. A plunger is also used when facing a clogged pipe situation. The way a plunger works is simple physics, by pushing the plunger down it creates more atmospheric pressure in the toilet bowl when you pull the plunger up the vacuum created in the toilet bowl forces the items that are stuck inside to come up.

Do note that a sink plunger and a toilet bowl plunger are very similar but have their differences. Whenever you have a clogged pipe you should attempt to unclog it with the plunger but if it doesn’t work you should seek professional help from a plumber.


3. Thread Seal Tape




Do you ever wonder why there seems to be water leaking from your plumbing fittings? It might be caused by the loose thread joints in your piping. To fix this problem, you should get some thread seal tape also known as PTFE tape.

This tape helps lubricate the thread joints and tightens the connection between pipes. Thread seal tapes are normally used as temporary fixes for leaks, so be sure to get a professional plumber to attend to your leaks for a proper long-term fix.

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