3 habits causing germs in your car!

Studies have indicated the interior of a car can develop 700 different forms of germs and bacteria which can damage your immune system. Here are 3 bad habits that will cause even more germs in your car:

Not cleaning your hands after pumping gas

From a study, gas pumps are among the dirtiest public surfaces as there are many people endlessly grabbing the pump every day. If you didn’t wash your hands thoroughly after pumping, the germs will follow you to the car. 

A quick hack to get rid of germs from the pump is rubbing your hands with hand-sanitizer after gassing up. This way, you can reduce the spread of germs on your steering wheel effectively.

Eating in the car

Living in a fast-paced environment, we’re often forced to eat in the car. However, food crumbs always acquire harmful bacterial growth over time, and they may spread into your car seats which can lead to a variety of health problems such as headaches, shortness of breath and fatigue! If you need help to maintain the cleanliness of your car seats, you can book our Kaodim car seat sanitizing service to lower the risk of infections. 

Not cleaning your air filters regularly

Air vents are actually an ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria as they are dark and cosy. If you often roll up your car windows, there will be some pollutants trapped inside your car’s air because the air vents can absorb any bacteria-laden dirt particles. In addition to that, a closed circuit of air allows the germs and moulds to contaminate your vehicle. These harmful bacterias can cause allergic reactions and asthma! Be sure you clean your air filter by using a disinfectant spray periodically to avoid getting sick from your vehicle. 

Don’t let the germs get to you while you are on the road! Book our car disinfection service now to eliminate more than 99.9% germs and ensure a safe environment for you! Book now at fixed prices and you can request for reservice if you are not satisfied with the service.